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See Homepage. This page: Wheel servicing equipment sold under the Weaver brand name in the 1950s.

The portable "Weaver" dynamic wheel tester.

Wheel vibration, or shimmy, can be both very irritating for people travelling in the car, and also has a detrimental effect on tyre life and indeed suspension components, if left for too long. One option is to remove each wheel in turn to establish where the vibration might be coming from. Alternatively, garage equipment suppliers such as that featured here, dreamt up a way of testing wheels and tyres dynamically, ie with the wheel still fitted to the car. This could show up where the problem(s) lay, and also proved to be a good way of illustrating the issues being encountered, so that the customer better understood what was being explained to them. Step forward the portable Weaver dynamic wheel tester.
Weaver wheel tester
Weaver has featured on OCC before, their brake testing apparatus from the 1920s can be found on this page, and here it's the turn of their dynamic wheel tester, shown above with two somewhat ghostly-looking figures. It required the front end (in this case) of the car to be raised up, and the wheel tester rolled into position, pressing against the relevant tyre/wheel as the portable motor span into action, acting in a similar way to electric roller starters used by motorcycle racers. According to the description, the motor had sufficient power to spin the wheel up to 100mph, a significantly higher rate of knots than most road cars of the 1950s could achieve, and more than enough to test out the wheel, tyre, hub assembly and adjacent steering and suspension components into the bargain. It also saved on time, compared to removing wheels and testing them off the car, and then separately inspecting the suspension and so on for faults, some of which may only manifest themselves at speed, on the open road.
Definitely a handy piece of kit, I like the look of that Weaver jack too.
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