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Homepage. This page: This old automobile has been identified as an Auburn, but can anyone confirm the model?

A late-vintage Auburn.

Shelley sent me an email, with this photo of her great-grandfather's car attached. I'd seen that style of windscreen - or "windshield" - somewhere before but couldn't place it. After seeking some advice on the matter, the car in the photo was confirmed as a late-vintage Auburn, built circa 1929.
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A vintage Auburn car
The model though I've yet to pin down 100%. The Auburn 6/80 was suggested. However the only period photos I've seen of that model show cars with wooden wheels, four-light rather than six-light bodywork, and no spare wheel on the running board. I think it might be a larger model, perhaps the straight-eight powered Series 120 model, circa 1928/29. Hopefully someone will land on this page shortly, and be able to confirm which Auburn it is exactly. Thanks to Shelley for ok'ing me to reproduce the photo of her great-grandfather's car on here. If there are any more early photos featuring Auburns out there, I'd be interested to see them.
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