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Join the car forum and talk about all aspects of early road transport, classic cars, and vehicle restoration.
Old Classic Car (OCC) contains a wealth of information about classic and vintage cars in the UK and beyond, plus memorabilia that relates to the nostalgia that many people have for motoring in the olden days.
If you own a classic, or plan to buy one, then put the kettle on, pull up a chair, and have a wander down memory lane.
Try the site search if you're looking for something in particular, or else view the sections below. Don't forget to check out the spare parts ads.

Latest updates

Morris 8
Morris 8 Episode 2
Uploaded, part 2 of the Morris 8 video series (F)
Wartime garage
Wartime garage invoice
Preparation of a car for storage during WW2 (1942)
AD spark
AD spark plugs
Early 1900s notebook issued by A. Dutemple, Paris
1965 Morris
1965 Morris 1100
A Morris 1100 (ADO16) sales catalogue from 1965
1939 Fordson
1939 Fordson 10cwt Van
Brochure review for the first Ford E83W vans of 1938
F.J. Grandin
F.J. Grandin & Co. Ltd.
Invoice issued by a Jersey-based Morris cars garage, 1931
New (old)
New (old) arrival at OCC
Quick intro to a recent 'garage find' car arrival (F)
Austin 7
Austin 7 in 1962
More photos of an Austin 7 box saloon in 1962 added in

Latest old-car video

Videos are regularly posted to the OCC Youtube channel. A recent upload is shown below, viewable by clicking here:

Featured areas of Old Classic Car

Austin 7 photo 1920s Brooklands track 1960s Vauxhall Victor Tuned Ford Escort Mk1 Triumph Dolomite car from the 1930s Barn-find Rover saloon Alfa Romeo 2600 Zagato 1950s tyre inflator

Articles on buying, driving and selling

Servicing a Standard 10's engine
Articles about buying, running and selling classic cars. Also advice on rustproofing to keep the tin worm at bay, storing a vehicle, popular choices, preparing for a show appearance, driving, and pointers on starting an engine that hasn't run for years. These and many more subjects are covered in the following sections.
Mk1 Austin Mini barn find Barn finds
There's something about "barn find", "garage find" or "shed find" classics, often an air of mystery surrounds them - how did they end up in this state, and will they be saved? Here, a number of such discoveries that I've been a party to, are described. These include an Austin Mini Mk1, found in an over-grown garage. But what eventually happened to it ...?
MGB GT Choosing a restorer
Selecting an individual or business to restore your pride & joy can be a fraught experience. In this article, a number of factors to consider and tips to help smooth the process are given.
Triumph Vitesse Crumbling classics
Casting an eye over online advertisements, looking at some of the restoration projects out there in need of urgent TLC.
MG sportscar Daily drivers
Many survivors are simply used for weekend drives to the countryside, and/or shows, but what about the die-hard enthusiast who plans to use his or her retro car on a daily basis? Thoughts on the topic of choosing and maintaining a "daily driver" are given here.
MG sports Dealing with rust
For every immaculate Austin, Morris or Ford out there, several other neglected examples cling onto life with the weakest of grips, rust being the main culprit responsible for them now falling into disrepair. Even the best examples need looking after to prevent rust taking a hold, this article takes a look at where to find rust, and how to prevent it from forming.
Practical Motorist magazine Diary of a young enthusiast
Our son's views on the world of collecting, including articles about his collection of 1930s/1940s/1950s Dinky and Crescent die-casts.
Ford Prefect Disadvantages
Even the most obsessed enthusiast will, if pressed, admit that not everything concerning our favourite four-wheeled steeds is brilliant. Cruising ability, safety, visibility, and marginal spares availability for example can all be downsides to the hobby that owners have to face up to and deal with, as this article explains.
1950s style driving in a Jowett Javelin Driving 1950s style
Anyone more used to driving a modern four-wheeled appliance will, likely as not, panic at the thought of jumping behind the wheel of, and taking to the road in, anything from the 1950s. The basic theory of driving any powered transport from the 1950s is broadly comparable to its modern equivalent, but this article sheds light on the differences to be expected.
Estates and station wagons Estates
More unusual than a saloon, and arguably more useful - ancient estates (station wagons/shooting brakes). Un-molested examples can he hard to find, but a good one makes for a great choice IMO. Ten varied choices of (mainly) British examples are described.
Hillman Minx FAQ Part 1 and Part 2
Based on emails received over the many years that this site has been running, a collection of frequently-asked-questions and suggested responses.
Triumph Herald Find my car
Visitors to OCC seek help in tracking down long-lost vehicles of a certain age.
Lotus Elan +2 Finding spares
Tips on how to source spare parts - including thoughts on the merits (or otherwise) of buying a spare parts donor.
Ford-based special of the 1950s Ford-based specials
Home-builts based on Ford 8/10 running gear were all the rage throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s, utilising fibreglass bodyshells produced by a myriad of firms such as Ashley, Falcon, Buckler and Tornado, all designed to fit the Ford chassis.
TVR Future classics - Sportscars, Performance models, Family favourites, Luxury marques and Best forgotten!?!?
Four pages, written a little while ago and slightly tongue-in-cheek, suggesting which might be the collectables of the future. Many of those included most definitely are now in that camp.
Motorist in the 1950s How to buy a classic car and Types of classic
Advice on seeking out and buying the best example you can. Article two considers the different types of preserved vehicle available. In the dropdown are a number of buyer's guides:
Rover P5B Laying up a car
Help with the laying up process, perhaps over the winter or for a longer period of time.
Spark plugs Looking after
With a suitable oldie sat in the drive or garage, a few pointers on how best to look after it. This includes how to check the engine oil, dealing with rusted nuts, checking spark plugs, and adjusting SU carburettors.
Garage MOT preparation
The MOT is only compulsory for private cars under forty years of age now in the UK, however many motorists with older vehicles continue with an annual MOT inspection. Guidance on what to check for before heading off to the Test (initially known as the "Ten Year Test") is here.
Towing an Austin A40 Farina Moving a car and Towing car trailers
Suggestions on how to safely move a non-runner. The first article covers the options, ie use of a professional recovery firm, using a trailer, an A-frame, or a wheeled towing dolly. Article two focuses specifically on how to safely tow using a trailer.
Ford Anglia Popular choices
Old favourites such as the Morris Minor, and the Ford Anglia 105E, described here.
Jaguar S-Type Restored or unrestored?
Pondering whether to buy a restored example, or a project that then needs restoring? Read this guide first.
Tatra Save money on motoring
Whether running an oldie or a modern, no-one wants to waste money. Have a read of this article and maybe pick up a few tips on how to save money while at the wheel.
Car in garage Security
Guidance on how to protect your classic and its contents, including tips on the best place to park at night, and ways to immobilise a vehicle.
Jaguar E-Type Roadster Selling classic cars
Suggestions on how to go about parting with your beloved, and how to establish a valuation.
Orange Lamborghini Miura Show preparation
Various recommendations on how to go about preparing for a show appearance, including tips on concours preparation.
Tow starting a car Starting a car's engine
The different ways that a reluctant engine can be persuaded to run when the battery is flat. Advice on the correct use of a starting handle, plus bump starting, and jump starting.
Austin Somerset Storage and garaging plus Storage in the garage
Thoughts on storage, whether at home in the driveway or in a garage, in a rented lock-up, or with a serviced storage facility. In the second article, ideas on how to maximise the space available in a home garage.
A vintage tourer Vintage matters
Thoughts on the vintage era, and also the post-vintage days leading up to WW2.
Austin 7 Ruby Wanted - old car or van
Wanted, barn-finds and similar non-runners. Also see the Old Car site.
Humber Super Snipe Where to buy and Why buy a classic?
Firstly, suggested places to look when thinking of buying, followed by a second article giving good reasons for choosing one in the first place.
Morris 1100 in winter Winter preparation
Whether you plan to drive it throughout the winter, or tuck it up safe, warm and dry in a cosy garage, there are several key jobs to undertake to ensure its wellbeing.
Workshop vice Workshop safety and Asbestos & older cars
Dos and don'ts in the workshop are listed in the first article linked to here. The second looks at the issue of asbestos in certain components that might turn up on older vehicles being worked upon.
A vintage Studebaker Your classics
Articles submitted by visitors to OCC, describing the four-wheeled gem(s) that they own, ranging from the vintage era right through to the 1970s.
Volvo PV544 and an old road sign More articles and More sites
More articles with a motoring theme to them, including just going out for a drive for the heck of it, an old flame re-surfacing in the classifieds, and a promotion from the 1930s that included use of Austin motor-cars. The second page lists a few of my other sites.

Automobilia and collectables

In this corner of OCC, collectables that relate to the world of motoring ("Automobilia") are covered. For instance, there is a wealth of garage-related paperwork, including old invoices, receipts, sales and promotional items, and lots more. Items relating to specific makes and models, as well as motorsport, can also be found.
Classic collectables An introduction to collecting automobilia
Tips on choosing what type of automobilia to collect, based on available storage space and funds.
Car adverts Adverts pt1 and Adverts pt2
Two pages of early vehicle advertisements, including coaches, lorries, vans and accessories.
Book reviews Book reviews
Transport books reviewed.
Car brochures Car brochures
A new addition to OCC, this section will grow to include reviews of period manufacturer sales brochures dating from the 1930s through to the 1980s, from my own collection.
Car magazines Car magazines
Here, a wide selection of older motoring magazines are featured, going back to the early years of the 20th Century. British magazines pre-dominate in this section, although rare titles from the USA and elsewhere in Europe are present. A number of trade and owners' club magazines are also described in detail, as are various publications issued by manufacturers themselves.
Cars on book covers Children's motor books
A great many children's books and annuals were either about transportation, or else featured illustrations of transport-related scenes on their covers. Five pages of book scans have been uploaded to date.
Classic car collectables Collectables
Several hundred pages of ephemera relating to older vehicles, including AA badges, tax discs, garage paperwork, sales leaflets and more.
Car literature Literature
Thoughts on collecting related books, magazines, brochures and other similar literature.
Motor racing collectables Motor racing memorabilia
An article that looks at the collecting of memorabilia relating to motor racing in the 1900s to the 1960s, with a few examples.
Car games Motoring games
Board games and card games that relate to the automobile have long been produced, and in this area a number of them are described. Magnetic and electrically-operated slot-car games receive coverage too, as do old transport-related jigsaw puzzles.
Motoring humour Motoring humour
Books, postcards and cartoons all with a humorous take on the subject.
Old race programmes Old racing programmes
Casting an eye over a broad selection of historic racing programmes for events held at venues such as Brooklands, Donington, Goodwood and Shelsley Walsh.
Classic pedal cars Pedal cars
Within this section there are several pages devoted to collectable types from the olden days, including a small archive of original photographs that feature examples from the 1920s-onwards. There is also a section describing Tri-ang's extensive range in the mid-1930s.
Petrol & oil Petrol & oil related
Discussing petroliana - items relating to petrol and oil companies, including petrol tins, enamel signs, pourers and more.
Classic car radios Radios
Tips on choosing a period-correct radio.
Sound effects records Records
Sound-effects records (33/45/78rpm) from the 1940s-1960s recorded on road and track. One rare example recalls demonstration runs held at Oulton Park in 1958 of the Mercedes-Benz "Silver Arrows".
Road maps Road maps
Collecting old road maps is one of the more affordable collecting areas, in this article a number of publications from around the world - going back to the 1920s - are shown.
Road signs Road signs
Surviving examples of early British road signs, and scans from period publications of other signs to look out for.
Tools Tools
Original branded toolkit spanners as supplied by motor manufacturers in the 1930s to the 1960s.
The Bond Bug Toy cars
Many enthusiasts will have a favourite toy they remember from their youth. Here, pages are given over to retro die-cast, tin-plate and plastic toys, also including vans and lorries. Makers such as Dinky, Crescent, JNF, Tri-ang and Chad Valley are all represented, as are a few oddball one-offs.
Brokwn down car Trading cards
Transport subjects were commonplace within the world of trade card collecting years ago, and here a selection of sets with classic cars in them are presented.

Car accessories and tuning companies

Austin A35 racing
Since the early days of motoring, individuals and companies have sought to modify and improve upon standard production offerings. This section focuses on just some of the period accessories, gadgets and tuning goodies that were made available to motorists from the earliest years of the 20th Century, through to the 1970s.
Telulog Gadgets & tools
Handy inventions designed to help the motorist and/or garage owner, or improve upon a particular type's specification - including lamps, servicing/diagnostic systems, auxiliary gauges, lifts and more.
Modifying a classic Modifying cars
Take a look at this article which discusses some of the pro's and con's of modifications, either for fast road use, or competition work.
SU carburettors Period tuning companies
In this section, many of the leading British engine tuning companies of the 1950s and 1960s are featured, including Speedwell, Speedex, Aquaplane, Marshall Nordec, Bowden and SAH Triumphtune, to name just a few.
SU carburettors Popular accessories
This article walks down memory lane, recalling the optional accessories offered by sales agencies and accessory retailers "back in the day".

Classic lorries, vans and pickup trucks

A Fordson 7V flatbed
Ancient vans, lorries and pickups have long been favourites in these parts (see "In the Motor House" on this page for examples at OCC HQ), so here the subject of classic commercial vehicles - whether large or small - falls under the spotlight.
Historic lorries
Advice for anyone thinking of buying a preserved lorry. This article considers subjects such as the likely running costs of such a machine, whether to choose a restored or un-restored example, and the oft-sticky issue of storing an over-size vehicle given that so many old farm buildings have been converted into living accommodation. Also a few thoughts on driving licence restrictions on larger vehicles are covered.
Vans and pickups
Collecting vans and pickups is a popular pastime for many, partly because they tend to be rarer than their contemporary saloon brothers, and also because even if you have a line-up of similar models at a show, their varied liveries still make for an interesting display. This article considers points to think about when choosing a light van or pickup to buy, and also has pages dedicated to some of the popular British types worthy of consideration.
1950s Albion tanker

Image archive

Old motoring photos
Thousands of pages at OCC are given over to photographs of veteran, vintage, and classic vehicles. There's a mix of images taken at shows in recent years, and a large collection of in-period, "back in the day", photographs - many of which are in black & white - featuring automotive gems from the 1900s through to the 1970s.

Photo Of The Day: A race-prepared 3.4 Jaguar (Mk1) glistening at the Pageant of Power.

A race-prepared 3.4 Jaguar (Mk1) glistening at the Pageant of Power.
Modern-day Photos.
Ageing photos
Scrapyards & junkyards
Shows & events
Street rods & customs
From the 1920s/1930s
From the 1940s
From the 1950s
From the 1960s
From the 1970s
Period Photos.
Postcards of vehicles Pg1
Postcards of vehicles Pg2
Image archive
The image archive has been built up over many years, and now contains several thousand original, period, photographs of road transport in its many forms. These date from the early 20th Century, through to the 1970s. Many are from my own collection, while others have been kindly sent over to me by site visitors since OCC's launch in 2001. The above dropdown offers a quick way to jump to pages within the archive. A number of the photographs have been put into slideshows hosted on Youtube, on the left is one example, available to view here.
Sample set of photos

In the Motor House

1953 Volvo
A number of aged motor vehicles clutter the garage here at OCC HQ. They include the Mk1 Austin A40 that has been in the family from new, now needing some restoration, to a couple of lorries, a vintage Dodge tourer, a post-war Volvo PV444, and a pre-war Morris that - like the A40 - needs restoring.
Austin A40 Austin A40. This Mk1 example of Austin's A40 Farina model was built in 1960, and bought new by my (late) great aunt and uncle, from a BMC sales agent in Exeter. He owned and ran the Austin until the late 1980s when it came to ourselves. I took (and passed) my driving test behind the wheel of the A40, and then used it as school transport during my A levels. It was last on the road in the mid-1990s. More history on this it can be found on the Austin A40 Mk1 page.
Commer Commer Superpoise racing car transporter. In 2014 I discovered that this unique vehicle from 1950 was likely to be scrapped, if a home couldn't be found ASAP. It was a genuine "barn find", sat in an open-sided barn since 1970/1972 after its final outing to a race meeting at Crystal Palace. The full history of this unique lorry is now on the Commer racing car transporter page.
Dodge car 1924 Dodge tourer. The Dodge spent most of its life in Australia, although when I bought it in 2012 it had been imported already by a dealer. It needed a lot of fettling to get it something like usable, and has been used regularly for local trips, shows, VSCC meetings and school runs. More details can be found in the Dodge tourer thread, running on the OCC Forum.
Dodge racing car transporter 1940 Dodge racing car transporter & trailer. I stumbled across this mighty Dodge back in 1995, corroding away and looking very forlorn. Later research uncovered its fascinating history, from its early years as a crewbus serving in the RAF during WW2, to a post-war life as a transporter. Its history, and the story of its restoration, can be found in the Dodge racing car restoration section, here at OCC.
Classic Fergie tractor Grey Fergie tractor. Buying this was dad's idea. As kids, my brother and I would often cadge a ride in the tray on the back of a Ferguson tractor, so when this Fergie came up for sale locally, it seemed like a good idea to take it on.
MGB Roadster MGB Roadster factory development car. Anything with a traceable history is always of interest, so when this rubber-bumper MGB Roadster turned up for sale, I set my sights on buying it. It has under 20k miles on the clock, and - being a LHD smog-equipped MGB - was destined for the USA before being removed from the production line, and tasked by British Leyland with various development duties at Gaydon etc. The documented history of the MG is on the MGB Roadster page.
Morris Minor Morris Minor two-seater. I've always liked pre-war cars. In 2009 I was able to purchase this 1932 Morris Minor. It had been sat in a brick outbuilding for a few decades, but it didn't take long to get its engine running. Currently it needs more work to see it back on the road. For several years it shared garage space with a 1934 saloon that I ran. More on the '32 Minor on the OCC Forum: Morris Minor.
Volvo PV444 Volvo PV444. Old Volvos have been a part of my life since I was a child. Dad owned a 121 Amazon and a 144S in the 1970s, so that's probably the reason that I keep returning to the Volvo fold. Over the years I've owned a few Amazons, and a sole PV544 that I miss to this day. Because of this, when an earlier (1953) PV444 turned up in 2019, I grabbed it. More information on the 444 can be found on the OCC Forum: Volvo PV444 thread.
Others classics >>
Tales of my occasional motoring woes can be found across OCC, including on the following pages: Misbehaving Jaguars and BMWs, SAAB meets Porsche, Spitfire woes, and Three-wheel Austin A40. My wife's take on life at OCC HQ can be found on the Living with a hoarder page, while this page outlines what might make up my dream garage line-up.

Motoring memories and nostalgia

Ford 100E saloon car
One of the reasons for setting up OCC was to collate and present memories of motoring in byegone times, when today's "classics" were usually just run-of-the-mill sights, background wallpaper to day-to-day lives at the time that they were current. Many visitors to OCC have sent their own memories as part of the Motoring Memories Project.
Riley RM Roadster Dad's motoring memoirs
Life on the road, beginning in 1963 with a Raleigh Runabout moped, leading onto such delights as a Bond minicar, a Riley RMA (followed later by a 2.5 Litre Roadster), a Ford 100E Popular ("the worst car of my life"), then a brace of Volvos before moving into more modern times.
Ford Anglia 105E Memories of the '50s and '60s
A visitor to OCC relates his earliest recollections of life behind the wheel, starting out with a (now rare) Standard 8 of the early 1940s, then through cars such as Ford's 105E Anglia, to more recent times.
Ford Model A Motoring Memories Project
A large collection of articles submitted by site visitors, describing their formative years behind the wheel of a wide variety of interesting vehicles. If you can add to this collection of pages with your own experiences, please please get in touch.

Old garages

ESSO garage sign
Cars wouldn't run for long without a network of garages supplying their owners' needs, and fixing their motors when required. Many keen motorists would also ensure that they had access to a domestic garage at home, not just to store their pride and joy, but also to offer weatherproof accommodation for when a home service was undertaken.
Rover P4 Commercial garage survivors
News of older garage buildings and petrol stations that still survive, some still operating as garages, others now re-purposed or left to fade away in derelict condition.
Home garage Home garages
Photographs and words describing the common types of garage that stood alongside thousands of British homes from the 1940s and 1950s onwards.

Other transport

1920s tricycle
Interest in classic cars can often lead to a passing appreciation of other forms of transport and wheeled contraptions. So to recognise this, a few pages on bicycles, caravans, trailers, and other mechanised delights now follow.
Bicycles Bicycles
Two- and three-wheeled pedal-power is the focus for this part of OCC. Old advertisements, and links to related pages elsewhere on OCC, are all to be found.
Historic caravans Historic caravans
Photos, owners' stories and period literature all on the subject of historic caravanning. Marvellous.
Car trailers Trailers
A soft spot for ancient trailers has led to a number of them gracing the driveway here at OCC HQ. Photos of surviving trailers can be found here, as can numerous scans of period literature from the likes of Eccles, Dixon-Bate, and Leason.

Reference library

Lucas windscreen wiper motor
The ongoing build of the Library section will grow to include pages of reference material, for example on setting up carburettors, spark plug recommendations, and bulb choices, through to more specialised subjects such as Wilson pre-selector gearboxes. There is also a specialists' directory and a clubs' directory.
Mini Cooper Clubs' directory
List of make- and model- specific clubs.
Aston Martin DBS Specialists' directory
List of companies, by make and by speciality.
Fiat Topolino Museums' guide
Guide to museums across the UK and in Europe.
Chassis lubrication Reference library
Pages of in-period (1930s - 1960s) reference material.

Researching a classic car's history

Old style logbook
Researching history is one of my favourite aspects of this hobby. Below are a few sections that should assist anyone planning to document the early life of their car. Records aren't always available, especially for pre-war examples, but it's surprising just how many documents still survive in council-run archives across the UK.
Tax disc
Research its history
This article looks at why it can be worth researching the history of an old car, and how to make a start on the quest for its past life.
Registration numbers
A list of UK-wide registration numbers, with their regions of issue and - where available - the date period that they apply to.
Registration re-claiming
Guidance on how to go about re-claiming an original registration number.
AC Cobra 289

Spare parts ads

Front wings for a Standard 10
This free-ads, or online autojumble, section enables anyone to place Wanted or For Sale notices, with no fees and no registration required. It's not designed for selling complete vehicles, unless they are most suitable as a parts donor, just spares and automobilia. Latest ad: 25 Oct 2020 on the Morris Pre-war Minor parts page.
Sidevalve engine
Classic categories:
Car parts
Motorcycle parts
Racing car parts
Tractor parts
Truck parts
Modern categories:
Car parts
Motorcycle parts
Van and lorry parts


1930s American car
Odds and ends, including a fictional children's story based on a bullnose Morris Cowley, and a couple of caption competitions to finish with.
Shell petrol tanker 1950s Caption competition No.1 and No.2
Two amusing photographs along with various witty (?) suggested captions, as provided by visitors to OCC. If you can do better, let me know ...
Morris Cowley Melvyn the Morris
Ups and downs in the life of a fictional 1920s Morris tourer.
Morris 1000 Traveller Memes
Based on original images of classic cars.
Under the bonnet of an Austin A35 Motorists' glossary
An alternative glossary of common terms, saying and words.

Videos of classic cars

Car videos
Videos now on the OCC Youtube channel (link). These include various on-board pieces from a few years ago (Ferrari 250 GT, Austin-Healey 100S etc), photo slideshows, and also a number of stop-go animations featuring a variety of die-cast and tin-plate toys put together by our young son.

Earlier updates

1955 Standard 8
Review of an original sales brochure from 11/1955
Rare FL touring car
Photo of an early 1900s FL (Floreat Lindum) in Lincoln
Work done on the Dodge
Link to Youtube vid describing work done recently
Dinky toy animation
Added, the Lego/Dinky classic car 'barn find' film
Raymond Way Motors Ltd
A former employee from the 1950s sends her memories
Adlards Motors Ltd (Allard)
1943 letter issued by the Fulham constructor of Allard cars
Classic vans video
Added, 270 photos of classic British vans & pickups
Humber 12hp DHC
Photos of a c1936/1937 Humber 12 drophead coupe
Ford Prefect ute
Ebay find, an original Ford Prefect Coupe Utility (F)
Triumph Spitfire Mk3
Review of Triumph's 1967 brochure for the Mk3 Spitfire
I-SPY Cars c1957
Added in, 1950s copy of I-SPY Cars
How to find rust
Video added to the rust & classic cars page
Popular Cars Illustrated
A 1951 booklet featuring all shapes & sizes of car
1950 Commer van
Spotted for online auction, a rare Commer panel van (F)
1950s car memories
Added, part 2 of Classic British Cars of the 1950s
Central Garage
Added, a letter from this Welsh garage during WW2 (1944)
British Cars 1950s Pt1
Added, video review of a 1952 'The Motor', plus 130 photos
Standard Swallow
Rare photograph of a Swallow-bodied Standard Coupe
Aviation museum
Now on Y/Tube, a visit to City of Norwich Aviation Museum
1932 Lagonda update
Added, pre-war photo of a 1932 Lagonda 2-Litre
East Anglia Transport Museum
A virtual tour of this fine museum facility
More Austin 7
Added, a second colour photos from the early 1960s
Motorcycle museum
Added, virtual tour of the Norfolk Motorcycle Museum
Homer races tin-plate Ferrari
New to the tin-plate car section, an animated motor racing film
Motoring Memories
Barry L tells of his early motoring memories in the 1950s/60s
Trolleybus ride
Added to the museums page, a video ft a 1960 trolleybus
OCC vlog update
Added, film of venerable vehicles owned by family and friends
1965 Sunbeam Alpine
Added, b&w snap of a gent with his dashing Series IV/V Alpine
Edwardian pedal car
Added, photo of a rare 'touring' car circa 1902-1906
Morris-Commercial D-Type
Photo of a 1928 D-Type used an ambulance by the RAF
A40 restoration update
Y/Tube update added regarding progress on the A40's resto
Castrol oils
Original leaflet from the 1950s describing Castrol products
1932 Austin 7
Colour photo from 1962 of Austin 7 box saloon reg. OW 2310
Facel Vega HK500 (ROB 2)
F1 team owner Rob Walker and his swish Facel Vega HK500
Replacing a tyre valve core
Tips on checking and replacing a Schrader-type core
1932 MG J2
Added, pre-war photograph of an MG J2 sportscar
Auburn Speedster in the UK
Photo of Amy Mollison (nee Johnson)'s Auburn & Beech a/c
Austin 7 Gordon England Cup
Pre-war view of a Gordon England Cup A7 and its owner added
Rust remover product test
Added, a filmed review of a liquid rust removal product
BSA Sunbeam price lists
BSA Sunbeam scooter price lists for 1961 & 1962
Stop-motion pedal car action
New to the pedal cars page, a second stop-motion animation
1934 Triumph Gloria
Previously unpublished photos of a 1934 Triumph Gloria saloon
A further 280 lorry images
Added, a second video collection of British lorry images
Hillman 16 update
A side view of the four-door 16hp saloon has turned up
1931/1932 BSA three-wheeler
B&W photograph of OV 2797 stopped on Porlock Hill, added
Austin 10 Cambridge
Three early photos of a c1937 Austin Ten Cambridge added in
300+ classic British lorries
Added to the lorries page, a 'virtual' Y/tube lorry show
Rover 8 update
Photo of a circa 1924 Rover 8 long wheelbase tourer added
Braime oil can
New to the gadgets page, a clip featuring old oil cans
Hillman 16hp saloon
Two 1930s photographs of a circa 1933/1934 Hillman Sixteen
Bean 11.9hp tourer
A 1920s photograph of a Bean motor-car and its passengers
Morris Minor video
Added, a video slideshow featuring 222 photos of preserved Minors
Bedford racing car transporter
Added, photo of a CA collecting a race car from Italian scrapyard
Citroen DS Safari
Added, a colour slide of a UK-registered Citroen DS Safari
Tri-ang Meteor added
Photo from the 1950s of a Tri-ang Meteor pedal car added
Low-chassis Invicta S-Type
Two photos of a stunning low-chassis Invicta
National Benzole petrol
Added to the petroliana page, a short clip ft. item of memorabilia
West End Garage
A 1946 letter issued by this Wolseley cars agent in Wales
MGB slideshow added
A Y/T slideshow of 230+ MGB Roadster & GT photos added
Modsports Jaguar XK120
A 1974 photo of a Modsports XK120 at Mallory Park added in
Mazda car bulbs
Memorabilia update, clip featuring rare box of motor-car bulbs
c1912 Mors touring car
Added, c1920 photo of a rare French-built Mors tourer in Lancs
A 1959/1960 A40 Farina
Added, photo of a Mk1 A40 following a trip to Le Mans in 1962
Vintage Dodge footage
Added to the ongoing forum thread, a clip of the Dodge in use
Berkeley Baronet update
Great news, the identity of a featured older caravan (no.3) now known
Mystery classic
Added, a clip about an unusual car from the 1950s
Notwen motor oils
Added, a short clip about an item of Notwen memorabilia
A40 restoration thread
Added to the OCC Forum, more news on the 1960 A40
SAAB 99 saloon
Period picture of an early 1970s SAAB 99 added to the archive
AJS motorcycle
Photograph of a late-1940s single-cylinder AJS and its owner
Central Garage (Morris cars)
Illustrated paperwork for a garage in Wales, dated 1947
Automobilia update
Added in, video featuring a tin of classic tyre cleaner c1952
Classic pedal car racing
Our 12yr-old's latest Youtube video ft. retro pedal car action
Western Motor Company Ltd
Unique 1907 letter ref sale of Edwardian Delaunay-Belleville
A40 Farina video update
Part two of the stripdown now uploaded to Youtube
Austin A40 Colours
Austin leaflet describing Dorset & Devon colours, 1947
Classic 1950s NSU Quickly
Original sales leaflets for the Quickly N and the Deluxe
Pedal car update
Added, original photograph of late-1930s Tri-ang pedal car
Ford Model T Tudor
Added, late-vintage photo of a Model T Tudor saloon
Care around running engines
Or 'fingertip removal made easy' plus 1930 Ford intro (Youtube)
Ford Prefect E493A
Added, snapshot of ladies with a 1950s' Ford Prefect
c1928 Morris Oxford saloon
Added, pre-war picnic scene with vintage Morris & Austin 7
SAAB 95 two-stroke van
I look back to 1991 and a very lucky discovery of a unique van (vid)
Wolseley 6/80 development cars
Added, c1948 Nuffield Organization test car photographs
Royal Garage (Hull)
Invoice for work done to a Ford V8's engine in 1948
Norwich Motor Co. Ltd.
Invoice issued by a Rootes Group garage in 1956
1904 Vanderbilt Cup
Amateur photos of the first international US road race
1925 Hudson Essex
Paperwork relating to a parts order placed Sep 1925 added
Dinky toy collection
HJ talks about his favourite Dinky racing cars of the 1950s (vid)
Austin A40 Mk1
Walkaround video of our family-owned-from-new A40 (vid)
Oily-rag WW2 spanners
HJ describes and oily rags a number of his classic spanners (vid)
Automobilia collection
HJ (age 12) introduces his collection of classic tins (vid)
1913 Perry 8hp
Rare sepia photograph of a pre-'Great War' Perry Roadster
1944 Fordson 7V
Added, a 1940s' photo of a classic Fordson removals van
The Motor magazine
Reviewing a wartime copy of the magazine, published 1940
Standard Vanguard dealer
Receipts issued by a Standard-Triumph garage in the 1950s
Hillman Minx Series IIIC
Photo of a graffiti-covered Minx in Oslo added in
1912/1913 De Dion Bouton
Added, atmospheric 1930s photographs of a De Dion Bouton
Triumph Tiger T100 1952
Ephemera addition - invoice issued by the Meriden Works in 1952
1930s electric vehicles
Added, factory photo of a Metropolitan Vickers van chassis
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