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See Homepage. This page: The OCC Reference Library, created in April 2016.
Vintage & classic car reference section

The OCC Reference Library.

In this corner of the Old Classic Car (OCC) site, I hope to build up a reference section that will hopefully be of use to owners, and restorers, of older cars. Garages that fully understand vintage or classic vehicles can be tricky to find, especially when very early cars require work. Forums, such as the one here at OCC, can be a great help of course, but sooner or later, contemporary repair data for a car being maintained or restored, will be required. Hopefully therefore, some of the reference items that will be added in here over time, will help out enthusiasts who find themselves needing information, as it was provided to owners when the cars were current.
If anyone can help by scanning period maintenance booklets and leaflets (copyright permitting) and emailing them over for possible inclusion on OCC, that would be appreciated. Many of us, including myself, have interesting and often obscure reference publications on our shelves. By sharing them, it'll help out owners and restorers, who find themselves working on these items today.


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Contemporary instruction books, maintenance notes, hints and tips from "back in the day".
AC Spark Plugs. An AC spark plug application guide for 1950's/1960's cars. Also included is a fault finder chart, describing common plug conditions and how to fix them.
Bulbs Guide. Reference guide for car, bicycle & motorcycle bulbs.
Lucas Trafficators. Maintenance notes issued by Joseph Lucas Ltd in the 1930s.
Lucas SW4 Wiper Motors. Factory service notes for the pre-war SW4 wiper motor.
Lucas Voltage Regulators. 1930's service notes for the LR1, LR2, LR3, LR5, LR7, LRT7, LRT9.
Luvax-Bijur Central Chassis Lubrication. Notes on implementation and servicing, by Luvax Ltd.
Registration Numberplates & Digits. Period-correct registration plate & digit styles for cars of the 1940s-1950s, including Bluemels, Wrights & Hills number plates.
Solex Thermostarter. How it works, how to fit it, and notes regarding adjustment.
Wilson Pre-Selector Gearbox. Instructions on its use and maintenance, from the 1930s.
Wipac Oil Filters. Look-up tables and cross-reference information, primarily 1950s/1960s.

Please note.

Information presented in this section is provided as an aid to classic and vintage car owners only. It shouldn't necessarily be taken as gospel, more of a useful series of pointers. It may be that since these period instructions were created, better ways have since evolved to tackle work on the components being considered. Tips and advice may be given in these period articles, but inclusion doesn't necessarily suggest that anyone involved with OCC endorses the methods portrayed. A certain level of mechanical know-how will be required in undertaking work as described in these pages, and anyone unsure of their own abilities is advised to seek further assistance. Delve into your car's inner workings only if you feel confident in your own abilities, after all - a little knowledge can be dangerous, as the old saying goes.
No-one at OCC can be held responsible for breakages and injuries that might occur, while working on a vehicle following a read of pages hosted on the site. Dabble at your own risk. Where possible, the source(s) for the data shown will be given. If the accreditations are incorrect, or contravene your copyright, please let me know.

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