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Homepage. This page: Reference information regarding Wipac hi-flo oil filters, 1930s to 1960s vehicles.
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Wipac oil filters.

Cover of the filters guide
This catalogue was published in 1962 by Wipac. It describes their range of oil filters for cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, and certain plant applications, including the relevant part number references. In the main, applications are for 1950s-1960s vehicles, although in some instances earlier types, from the 1930s and 1940s, are also listed. There is also a cross-reference chart, so that equivalent filters produced by companies AC, Fram, Purolator and Tecalemit, can be referenced to those from Wipac. Information such as this can prove very useful when scouring the autojumbles and eBay for parts. There's also a table which includes the internal and external diameter measurements for the sealing rings used by these replaceable-element filters. Hopefully it'll prove to be of use. Coincidentally, this publication was one of many acquired from the family of the gent shown above, stood outside the garage in which this catalogue once resided.
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Wipac "Hi-Flo" oil filters.

  • Sub-title: Application date and price list.
  • Published by The Wipac Group, Buckingham, England.
  • Date: 1962/1963 (Supplement).

Measurements for the rubber sealing rings used on Wipac filters in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Rubber sealing ring dimensions

Cross-reference chart.

Both fuel and oil filters are referred to in this table. Wipac part numbers are given, with the equivalent reference numbers from AC, Fram, Purolator and Tecalemit (where applicable). Filters covered: OF331, OF352, OF353, OF354, OF355, OF370, OF422, OF423, OF424, OF456, OF547, OF552, OF553, OF554, OF602, OF603, OF604, OF662, OF671, BE191, BE275, BE281, BE391, BE392, BE411, BE441, BE448, BE620, BE675, BE702, CA350, CA453. A further list of part numbers included in a 1963 supplement feature further down the page. Part numbers may have changed at a later date, so please bear this in mind when cross-referencing parts, these numbers appear to have been current at the time (1962). Usual caveats apply.
Filter cross-reference chart

Filter applications, by make and model, AEC to Bergius.

Vehicles are now listed, with cars and lorries listed together. This page covers models produced by AEC, Albion, Allard, Allis-Chalmers, Armstrong Siddeley, Austin (cars and commercials), Aveling-Barford, Beardmore (taxi), Bedford, and Bergius. The Wipac filter reference is given, along with the appropriate sealing ring part no., the brand and no. for the original filter fitted to the vehicle, and where known the original vehicle manufacturer's part no. Please click the images to view larger versions.
AEC to Bergius

Filter applications, BMC Engines to Ford cars (England).

BMC (petrol and diesel engines), Bristol Commercial, Bristol Tractor (A70 engine), Broome & Wade, C.A.V., Cockshutt Tractors, Commer, Coventry Climax, Coventry Victor, Cummins Diesel, Daimler, David Brown, Dodge (England), Dorman Engines, Enfield Engines, ERF, Euclid Excavators (Rolls-Royce engine), Ferguson Tractors, Fiat, and Ford Cars (England).
BMC to Ford

Filter applications, Ford (Thames Trucks) to Lancing Bagnall.

Ford Thames Trucks, Fordson Tractors, Ford Industrial Engines, Fowler Engines, Gardner Engines, Guy, Hillman, Humber, Ingersoll-Rand, International Harvester, Jaguar, Jensen Trucks, Jowett, Karrier, Land Rover, and Lancing Bagnall.
Ford Thames to Lancing Bagnall

Filter applications, Leyland to Nuffield Tractors.

Leyland, Lister, Massey-Harris, Massey-Ferguson, Maudslay, Meadows Engines, MG, Morgan, Morris, Morris Commercial, Nash, and Nuffield Tractors.
Leyland to Nuffield

Filter applications, Perkins Diesel to Wolseley.

Perkins Diesel, Petter-Mclaren, Riley, Rolls-Royce, Rover, Ruston-Hornsby, Scammell, Seddon, Singer, Standard, Sunbeam-Talbot, Thornycroft, Triumph, Vauxhall, Vickers, Vulcan, and Wolseley.
Perkins to Wolseley

Filter applications, Supplement 11/3/1963.

Austin, Ford, Ford (Thames) Trucks, Fordson Tractors, Morris, Hillman, Singer, Humber, Bedford, Standard, Triumph, Vauxhall (1962 & 1963).
1963 Supplement

Matching part numbers to specific vehicle(s).

A list of Wipac filter part numbers, with details of the vehicles for which they are suitable. While the majority apply to vehicles built in the 1950s and 1960s, a number also relate to pre-war models.
Part number look-up table
Part number look-up table part 2

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