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Homepage. This page: Original 1920s/1930s instruction book published by Solex Limited, Marylebone Road, London.
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The Solex Thermostarter carburettor.

Cover of the Solex carburettor publication
The Thermostarter was Solex' idea of a carburettor whereby the usual task of managing enrichment from a cold start, was managed automatically by the carburettor rather than the driver. In principle it sounds like a good idea, an early interpretation of the automatic choke that would be standard fitment on cars in years to come. A bi-metallic strip, incorporated within a thermostat permanently attached to the car's exhaust or manifold, controlled the enrichment procedure. Diagrams and text visible in the scans of the booklet explain how it works, and how it would be installed. A leaflet promoting the benefits of the Solex Thermostarter, may also be found at OCC on this page.
(As an aside, this leaflet used to live at Welland's Garage, which is the establishment shown at the head of this page).
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The Thermostarter Solex Carburettor.

  • Published by Solex Limited.
  • Date: 1920s/1930s.
Diagram of the Thermostarter carburettor

(Page 1. Introduction to the carburettor.)
Introduction to the carburettor
(Page 2 & 3. Key components & diagram)
Components in the Solex carb
(Page 4 & 5. The Thermostatic Box)
The thermostat described
(Page 6 & 7. Exploded diagram of the Thermostatic Box)
Thermostat diagram
(Page 8 & 9. The starter in operation)
The thermostarter in use
(Page 10 & 11. Fitting and adjustment)
Fitment and adjustment

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