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See Homepage. This page: Diarised thoughts on classic cars according to the next generation of enthusiast.

Diary of a Young Classic Car Enthusiast.

Thoughts on older cars from the next generation.

Hello, my name is Harley (son of OCC's creator) and I certainly have a strong interest in cars. Growing up with these wondrous machines, I have formed a bond with them.
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Since I was young, I have always expressed a thorough interest in cars (especially older ones). After all, my first word was actually "car"! My love of cars simply started with scouring shop windows for nice models that I could add to my collection. As I entered the toddler years, I would always want to sit in/on the cars that my dad owned, and I'd always help him with bits and pieces in the garage. Around this time too, I enjoyed sitting on the driver's lap, and steering the car on our drive as it was driven up and down. When younger, I was practically buying any toy cars, however, now I limit myself to older toys such as Dinky, Lesney and Corgi models.
Now older (10) I always find myself identifying everyday cars on the road (I think the designers of some of these cars need to have a stern talk with themselves about the horrific styling they've produced). I can pretty much name any car; but not quite everything yet (!)
I think the reason that I am addicted to cars, is that I just grew up with them. Drawing them, riding in them etc. I am also fascinated by them because of their magnificent engines; the powerhorse of the car. What I am amused by now is that, when I was younger, I thought an engine worked by putting fuel in it, and a bizarre laser beam burnt it and then it would come out of the so called "smoke pipe". However, now I properly know the workings of a combustion engine.
Lately, I have been taking apart SU carburettors, lubricating them if they're seized, and putting them back together.
Much to my disappointment, none of my classmates show any interest in transport. Nor do any people in the whole school show any particular interest at all. Are there any other people around my age reading this? Are they a budding car enthusiast? Please get in touch if so.
I also have an interest in car photogaphy; at each car event on the calendar, my trusty camera would always be with me. I enjoy going to race events, to go and have a look around the paddock (mayhem), and to position myself at a convenient spot on the track to get the best photos. The most common event we go to is Loton Park. Some of my photos fail, but, on the contrary, most "action" shots do come out well; clean and crisp.
My best ones, the ones that show the action of thrashing an old Frazer Nash up a twisting hillclimb or something like that well, have already appeared on OCC's forum.
Old cars seem to be part of our family: obviously, dad, who has been collecting cars for all of my life. Grandad (who has owned a Morris Minor Saloon, a VDP 1300, and a Morris Traveller recently). And, of course, me. (Notice how no females appear in that list - although my mum did drive an A30 as her daily car, years ago).
This will be the first of my articles on OCC, so when the shows start up again after the musty winter, many more articles will be written, covering various shows, and the cars themselves.
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My old Dinky toy cars and lorries My collection of old toy cars and lorries (Dinky, Crescent etc), December 2019 (Age 11).
Restoration of a toy Morris Minor Restoration of my toy Morris Minor, February 2019 (Age 10).

Pre-war magazine collection.

Here I take a look at three copies of "Speed" magazine from 1937.

Dinky toy car stop-go animation.

I also created the following stop-go (or "stop-motion") videos.
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