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See Homepage. This page: Page 2 of old motor-related advertisements.

Old Advertisements - Cars and Trucks.

A second page of period adverts and old promotional artwork.

Continued from the first page of historic adverts for cars and lorries is this further selection of old adverts dating back to the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and into the 1960s. I hope you enjoy looking at the old advertisements below.

There are adverts from classic lorry, car, trailer and accessory manufacturers, including a rare advertisement for AEC Trolleybuses, plus several that were publishing during the second world war.

Electric vans from  A.E. Morrison & Sons Ltd   Engine overhaul from  Burtonwood Motor and Aircraft Engineering   Commer and Karrier lorries from  Commer Cars Ltd   Falcon diesel PSV chassis from  Dennis Bros Ltd   Trailer from  Dixon Bate Ltd  
Light alloy bodies from  Duramin Engineering Co. Ltd.   Seddon diesel lorries from  Goddard and Dellar   Parcel delivery vans from  Guy Motors   Iron castings from  Hale and Hale (Tipton) Ltd   Rebuilt Bedford engines from  Hamilton Motors (London) Ltd  
Van shutters from  Howard Bros Ltd   Light trailers from  J. Brockhouse and Co. Ltd.   Lorry bodies from  John Gibson and Son Ltd   Hydraulic jacks from  Joseph Bradbury and Sons Ltd.   Coronation Electric Car Lift from  Laycock Engineering Co. Ltd  
Autofoam shampoo from  Lister Equipment Ltd   All purpose body from  Martin Walter Ltd   Car radios from  Masteradio Ltd   ERF oil engined lorries from  Parrs of Leicester   Ignition travel pack from  Remax Ltd  
Cables from  Ripaults Ltd   Plug tester from  Runbaken   Masking tape from  Samuel Jones & Co. Ltd   Gearboxes for buses from  Self-Changing Gears Ltd   Lorries from  Sentinel (Shrewsbury) Ltd  
Light tractors from  Shillans Engineering Co. Ltd   Governor carburettor from  Solex Limited   Semi-trailers from  Taskers of Andover   AEC Trolleybus from  The Associated Equipment Co. Ltd.   Austin 5 ton commercial vehicle from  The Austin Motor Co. Ltd.  
Batteries from  The Chloride Electrical Storage Co. Ltd   Chemico Anti-freeze from  The County Chemical Co. Ltd.   Hypoid rear axles from  The Moss Gear Co. Ltd.   Commer trucks from  The Rootes Group   Screen washer from  Tudor Automotive Accessories  
6VF Petrol or Diesel Vulcan lorry from  Vulcan   Piston Rings from  Wellworthy Piston Rings Limited  
A.E. Morrison & Sons Ltd   Burtonwood Motor and Aircraft Engineering   Commer Cars Ltd   Dennis Bros Ltd   Dixon Bate Ltd   Duramin Engineering Co. Ltd.   Goddard and Dellar   Guy Motors   Hale and Hale (Tipton) Ltd   Hamilton Motors (London) Ltd   Howard Bros Ltd   J. Brockhouse and Co. Ltd.   John Gibson and Son Ltd   Joseph Bradbury and Sons Ltd.   Laycock Engineering Co. Ltd   Lister Equipment Ltd   Martin Walter Ltd   Masteradio Ltd   Parrs of Leicester   Remax Ltd   Ripaults Ltd   Runbaken   Samuel Jones & Co. Ltd   Self-Changing Gears Ltd   Sentinel (Shrewsbury) Ltd   Shillans Engineering Co. Ltd   Solex Limited   Taskers of Andover   The Associated Equipment Co. Ltd.   The Austin Motor Co. Ltd.   The Chloride Electrical Storage Co. Ltd   The County Chemical Co. Ltd.   The Moss Gear Co. Ltd.   The Rootes Group   Tudor Automotive Accessories   Vulcan   Wellworthy Piston Rings Limited  
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