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This Page: Volume 1 1920 & 1930s Classic Cars

There are now well over 450+ classic car photographs in this photo archive, so if you're looking for classic car picture or truck photos, have a browse in the list of car photographs below .. more old car pictures added regularly. Please note: I have now split the images across a number of pages, as one page for all photos was becoming unwieldy. This page now contains images for the 1920s and 1930s vehicles only, with those from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s now having their own pages, which can be chosen from the links below.

These images are some of the many classic cars and trucks that I've seen over the years. This library of photographs is for reference only, and none of the photographs below are to be reproduced either in part or whole anywhere else, unless permission is granted by both the website author and the owner of the car/truck in the photo. Please just enjoy perusing them here as a testament to the lengths enthusiasts go to keep their classic motors on the road into the 21st century!
Volume 1 Images.
Photos of 1920s and 1930s vintage cars, lorry and sporting machines
Volume 2 Images.
View more car photographs, of 1940s WW2 era cars, buses and lorries, racing cars and more
Volume 3 Images.
See more classic car photos, this time of 1950s automobiles, including trucks and a few wrecks too!
Volume 4 Images.
To view photos of 1960s classics, from Austin, MG, Chevrolet, AC, Ferrari, Ford and heaps more
Volume 5 Images.
To see photos of more recent 1970s classics, from Austin, Lancia, Datsun, Jaguar & many more, please click here

All these photos have been taken at classic & vintage car shows, or motor racing events, throughout the last few years. If you spot you car, and it irks you to see it on one of these pages, please let me know and I'll bin it off, or preferably credit the car to its owner. From now on, new photos will be added into the recently launched show-specific photos section - latest pics are from Oulton Park and Smallwood Vintage show.

Albion Lorry 1929In fully restored order
Austin 7Vintage model
Austin Six NEWOn display with equally vintage caravan!
Bentley 1928Ex-Tim Birkin 'Bentley Boy' machine
Bentley blower NEWThe business end of the supercharged Blower Bentley
Citroen Halftrack NEWWild factory built machine for desert use
FIAT NEWBrass radiator vintage Fiat in top condition
Ford Model TModel T Ford - the Tin Lizzie
Morris CowleyOriginal vintage open bullnose Morris
Morris OxfordAn original version of the Oxford
Pierce Arrow NEWTruck rolling chassis up for sale

Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B NEWSlightly nicer looking than todays offerings!!!!!
Alvis roadsterCloseup, bonnet open
Alvis roadsterSame car - model anyone?
Alvis tourer NEWNice 4 seater tourer
Alvis Woodie NEWQuality gentlemans carriage, anyone for grouse?
Alvis Woodie NEWUnusual coachbuilt bodywork
Armstrong SiddeleySeen in Sandbach 2002
Austin Six HearseRare hearse version of popular Austin
Austin 10Seen in Sandbach 2002
Austin 10View of the engine
Austin 10Rear 3 quarter view
Austin Ten NEWCloseup of front end chromework
Austin SevenSeen in Sandbach 2002
Austin Seven NEWCloseup view of o/s/r corner
Austin 7 PearlOpen top version similar to the Ruby
Austin 7 vanSimilar to Ruby saloon style
Bedford lorryFully restored, built in 1933
BentleyView of the engine bonnet up
BMW 328 NEWAdvanced inter-war roadster from Munich
Cadillac NEWOpen roadster from the thirties
CadillacFrom the film Bugsy Mallone
Cadillac V12Did they do a V16 model?
Cadillac V12Fantastically restored lineup
ChryslerChrysler saloon - model anyone?
Crossley Burney Streamliner NEWOwned by the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu
CrossleyCloseup of the Crossley's grille
Delage NEWMind boggling machine
DodgeFront corner view of a '30s Dodge car
Dodge Recovery wagon NEW1938 Dodge breakdown truck from Stockport
ERA NEWThe 1930s English Racing Automobile (ERA)
ERA NEWRear view of the ex-Prince Bira ERA
Foden R4 LorryBuilt in 1932 in Sandbach
Ford Model A vanRestored in a chip shop livery, front end shot
Ford Model A vanSandbach Transport Festival
Ford Model CCX type of 1930s Ford
Ford pickupCan anyone tell me the model?
Fordson E88 LorryBuilt in 1938
Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica NEWOfficial factory build F-N Rep
Frazer Nash Le Mans Rep NEWDrivers view out of the F-N Le Mans Replica
Jowett 8 NEWRare pre-war Jowett 8hp
Lagonda 2litre Speed TourerInterior view of dashboard
Lagonda 2litre Speed TourerSide view with bonnet open
Leyland coachFitted out for luxury tours
Leyland busAn original 'gearless bus'
Leyland CubHas undergone thorough restoration
Lincoln V8Stunning concours example
Maybach Zeppelin NEWThe amazing Maybach - Germanys answer to RR
Maybach Zeppelin NEWPart of a Maybach display celebrating the new model
Maybach NEWInterior view of the magnificent 30s Maybach
Mercedes Benz 320 Autobahn Courier NEWStraight out of the M-B factory museum
MG roadster NEWA stylish mode of transport in prewar Britain
MG roadster NEWCloseup of the same cars chrome grille
MG TCSeen being driven in a parade during 2001
MG TCCloseup of chrome grille and head lamps
MG VATwo tone paintwork, red and cream
MG 18/80Very elegant 30s tourer
MG 18/80Closeup view of chrome grille
MG J2?Nice workshop reconstruction
MG MidgetPossibly a Magnette or K3?????
Morris 8Series E version built in 1939
Morris 8Another E model in black
Morris 8Closeup view of this early Morris
Riley 9hp SportsUsed regularly and in original condition
Riley TT 2 seater NEWGreat Brooklands style sportscar
Rolls RoyceGrille photograph - model ?
Rover 14 Sports saloonA rakish saloon from the 1930s
SentinelLate version of the steam wagon
Singer 4 seater roadster NEWLarger open topped 1930s Singer
Singer Le MansPre-war 9hp rival to the MG TC
Singer 9 Le Mans NEWAnother example of pre-war Singer
Tatra T87 NEWStreamlined T87 1939
Vauxhall DX6 cylinder converted to pickup!
Vauxhall 12hpAlongside matching classic caravan
Voisin C28 NEWVoisin C28 Chancellerie
Voisin C28 NEWCloseup of the Voisin grille
Wolseley HornetGreat for VSCC Trials etc
Wolseley Police carSeen at Goodwood Circuit 2001
Wolseley Police carA larger example from Wolseley

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This reference library of motoring images will be added to continually, and will form a comprehensive archive of classic car and truck images on the web. Hopefully there will be something of interest to enthusiasts of all forms of auto related transport! They are grouped approximately by decade, and if you spot a glaring error please let me know via the email link on the homepage. Thanks!
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