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This Page: Volume 2 1940s Classic Cars

There are now well over 450+ classic car photographs in this photo archive, so if you're looking for classic car picture or truck photos, have a browse in the list of car photographs below .. more old car pictures added regularly. Please note: I have now split the images across a number of pages, as one page for all photos was becoming unwieldy. This page now contains images for the 1920s and 1930s vehicles only, with those from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s now having their own pages, which can be chosen from the links below.

These images are some of the many classic cars and trucks that I've seen over the years. This library of photographs is for reference only, and none of the photographs below are to be reproduced either in part or whole anywhere else, unless permission is granted by both the website author and the owner of the car/truck in the photo. Please just enjoy perusing them here as a testament to the lengths enthusiasts go to keep their classic motors on the road into the 21st century!
Volume 1 Images.
Photos of 1920s and 1930s vintage cars, lorry and sporting machines
Volume 2 Images.
View more car photographs, of 1940s WW2 era cars, buses and lorries, racing cars and more
Volume 3 Images.
See more classic car photos, this time of 1950s automobiles, including trucks and a few wrecks too!
Volume 4 Images.
To view photos of 1960s classics, from Austin, MG, Chevrolet, AC, Ferrari, Ford and heaps more
Volume 5 Images.
To see photos of more recent 1970s classics, from Austin, Lancia, Datsun, Jaguar & many more, please click here

All these photos have been taken at classic & vintage car shows, or motor racing events, throughout the last few years. If you spot you car, and it irks you to see it on one of these pages, please let me know and I'll bin it off, or preferably credit the car to its owner. From now on, new photos will be added into the recently launched show-specific photos section - latest pics are from Oulton Park and Smallwood Vintage show.

Austin 10 tourerFully restored black example
Bedford OBDuple bodied coach
Bedford O Series van NEWSignwritten McVitie and Price Biscuits
Bedford OY 1940In military WW2 colours
Cadillac Series 62 Coupe NEWWith an interesting competition past
Daimler NEWVery stately old Daimler
Diamond T truckEx military heavy haulage
Dodge truck 1940Former WW2 RAF bus
Dodge Fargo truckCanadian built Dodge requiring restoration
Foden coach 1948In very original condition
Ford Anglia103E style Ford Anglia sidevalve
Ford AngliaCloseup view of the 1172 Anglia
Guy VixenGuy Vixen lorry in John Lewis colours
HRGUnusual English sports car
HRGJust the thing for a brisk drive
John Deere tractorOn show in Sandbach
Jowett Javelin NEWLate 1940s Javelin
Series 1 Land Rover swbSeen in Goodwood Circuit paddock
Series 1 Land Rover swbHere towing a 1930s ERA racing car
Standard 8 Tourer4 seater tourer
Standard 'Tilly'In full wartime RAF colours
Stovebolt Special HWM Chevrolet NEWDeveloped at the end of the 40s thru the 1950s
Stovebolt Special HWM Chevrolet NEWView of its Chevy V8 mill
Triumph 1800 RoadsterBuilt in 1947, as used in Bergerac BBC TV
Triumph RenownSpotted at Tatton park in 2002
Unipower NEWCurious looking British commercial

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This reference library of motoring images will be added to continually, and will form a comprehensive archive of classic car and truck images on the web. Hopefully there will be something of interest to enthusiasts of all forms of auto related transport! They are grouped approximately by decade, and if you spot a glaring error please let me know via the email link on the homepage. Thanks!
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