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This Page: Volume 5 1970s Classic Cars

There are now well over 450+ classic car photographs in this photo archive, so if you're looking for classic car picture or truck photos, have a browse in the list of car photographs below .. more old car pictures added regularly. Please note: I have now split the images across a number of pages, as one page for all photos was becoming unwieldy. This page now contains images for the 1920s and 1930s vehicles only, with those from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s now having their own pages, which can be chosen from the links below.

These images are some of the many classic cars and trucks that I've seen over the years. This library of photographs is for reference only, and none of the photographs below are to be reproduced either in part or whole anywhere else, unless permission is granted by both the website author and the owner of the car/truck in the photo. Please just enjoy perusing them here as a testament to the lengths enthusiasts go to keep their classic motors on the road into the 21st century!
Volume 1 Images.
Photos of 1920s and 1930s vintage cars, lorry and sporting machines
Volume 2 Images.
View more car photographs, of 1940s WW2 era cars, buses and lorries, racing cars and more
Volume 3 Images.
See more classic car photos, this time of 1950s automobiles, including trucks and a few wrecks too!
Volume 4 Images.
To view photos of 1960s classics, from Austin, MG, Chevrolet, AC, Ferrari, Ford and heaps more
Volume 5 Images.
To see photos of more recent 1970s classics, from Austin, Lancia, Datsun, Jaguar & many more, please click here

All these photos have been taken at classic & vintage car shows, or motor racing events, throughout the last few years. If you spot you car, and it irks you to see it on one of these pages, please let me know and I'll bin it off, or preferably credit the car to its owner. From now on, new photos will be added into the recently launched show-specific photos section - latest pics are from Oulton Park and Smallwood Vintage show.

1970s car screensaver
If you're a big fan of 70s classics, you can download a screensaver that features 25 images of cars from that era. More details on the 70s car screensaver here.

Alfa Romeo SpiderProper boat tailed Spider
Alfa Romeo GTVThese found in Wales, need restoring
Alfa Romeo GTVStar car in 007 Bond Live & Let Die film
Alfa Romeo Montreal NEWRare old Alfa Montreal from the 70s
Aston Martin V8Post-David Brown era V8
Austin 1000 vanAustin-badged Morris Minor van
Austin MaxiFrom the dark days of BL/BMH/BLMC
Austin MaxiSpeeding around the display arena
Austin Mini 1275GT NEW1275GT Mini Clubman - replacement for the Cooper S
Austin Mini Clubman estate NEWRare surviving Mini Clubman estate car
Austin BL Mini pickupBritish Leyland Mini pickup
Bedford CF MotorhomeDisplayed at Tatton Park, Cheshire, 2001
Bedford TKMobile air traffic control vehicle
Bedford TK NEWA well restored late example
BMW 2002 by Frua Design NEWOne-off 2002 BMW bodied by coachbuilders FRUA
BMW 2002 TurboSeen at Oulton Park, on slicks, in the rain
BMW 2002 TurboOne of my all time favourite cars
BMW 2002 Turbo Schnitzer NEWSchnitzer prepared 2002 saloon car racer, owned by BMW
BMW 320i Touring car NEWPhoto of 1970s racing saloon car owned by BMW Heritage
Chevrolet Camaro SS NEWPrepared for historic racing series
Chevrolet Camaro SS NEWRear photo of the same car
Chevrolet van NEWA Chevy van used as a race car hauler
Chrysler Avenger NEWFacelifted version (it needed it) of the Hillman Avenger
Daimler XJ6 Series 1Ripe for restoration, photograph taken 2002
Daimler XJ6 Series 1Belongs to ex-Jaguar Cars employee
Daimler XJ6 4.2Stunning black example, photo taken 2002 Tatton Park
Daimler XJ Double Six NEW12 Cylinder version of the Series 2 XJ
Daimler XJC 4.22dr Coupe version of the XJ6, the XJ6C
Darrian NEWThe Darrian sports racer
Datsun 1200Rare surviving 70s Japanese car
Datsun 240ZThe original Z car
Datsun 240Z NEWOff for a 1970s sports car race (could be a 260Z ?)
DeLorean NEWJohn Delorean's stainless steel gullwing sportscar
FIAT 127 NEWNeat little Italian hatchback from the 1970s
FIAT 500Italy's answer to the Mini
Ford Capri Mk1 NEW"The car you always promised yourself" !
Ford Capri Mk1 V6 NEWAn here the V6 Essex engined version
Ford Escort Mexico Mk1 NEWExcellent red example of the popular Escort rally car
Ford Escort Mk1 Racer NEWRear view of a 2dr Escort in race trim
Ford Escort Mk1 Racing NEWCompetition version spotted at Oulton Park
Ford Escort RS2000 Mk2 NEWSuccessor to the Mk1 Mexico
Ford Granada Mk1White Mk1 Coupe + vinyl roof
Hillman Avenger NEWA race-prepped Hillman Avenger saloon !
Jaguar E Type S3 V12Last of the line XK-E V12
Jaguar XJ6 Series 1My own 4.2 short wheelbase XJ6
Jaguar XJ6C Coupe Series 2 NEWA well preserved example of Series 2 Jag Coupe
Jaguar XJ12 Series 2 NEWXJ12 Jag at speed Oulton Park 2002
Jaguar XJ12 Series 2 NEW4x Stromberg fed 5.3 V12 engine in the Jaguar
Jaguar XJ12CBroadspeed XJC European Touring car
Jaguar XJSEarly V12 modified for circuit racing
Jaguar XJS TWR style NEWReminiscent of the 1980s TWR prepped XJS V12 race car
Jaguar XJSAnother early V12 racer, bonnet removed
Jensen GT NEWClosed version of the ragtop Jensen Healey
Jensen InterceptorGreat 70s Chrysler powered car
Jensen Interceptor NEWRacing version approaches Lodge Corner, Oulton Park
Lamborghini Miura ReplicaHomebuilt hommage to Miura
Lancia Beta Coupe NEWA race prepared competition version of this Italian classic car
Lancia Beta Coupe NEWReceiving some engine attention Oulton Park 2002
Lancia Beta Montecarlo NEWUnusual Monte Carlo version of the Beta
Lotus EclatForerunner to the later, similar, Excel
Lotus EuropaClassic rear engined Lotus
Marcos MantisNot a Mantula as I first thought!
Marcos MantisWelcome change from a sea of MGBs
Mazda RX3 NEWRare wankel engine Mazda forerunner to RX7
MGB GTDesirable chrome bumper MGBGT
MGB GTV8 NEW3500cc V8 factory version of the MGB GT
MGB RoadsterBonnet up on a rubber bumper
MG MidgetChrome bumper MG Midget, on alloys
Morris Minor 10001275 used daily, fitted LPG conversion!
Morris Minor PickupStill in Dan Air colours!
Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 NEWRoadgoing 911 Porsche - true classic german cars
Porsche 911 RS Carrera NEWSpotted in the public car park at a race meeting
Porsche 911 Turbo RSR Martini NEWLe Mans spec in the 'Sports' category in 1974
Porsche 911 RSR Martini NEWTarga Florio 2.8 RSR Porsche 911 in Martini livery
Porsche 914 NEWOne of the rarer rear-engine Porsches
Renault 12Well preserved & unusual survivor
Range Rover Velar NEWPre-production Range Rover, disguised as the Velar!!
Rolls Royce CornicheDrop head version of the 2dr body
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow S1 NEWEarly chrome bumper version of the Shadow
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 2 NEWRevised version of Crewes finest motor car
Rover P5BHeavyweight 3500 V8 P5
Rover P6 3500SManual 3.5 V8 version needing TLC
SAAB 99 TurboImmaculate early 3dr version
SAAB 99 TurboIf I found one for sale! .. hmm..
Simca 1501 Estate NEWVery rare survivor from Simca
Skoda competition car NEWCircuit racer loosely based on a Skoda
Skoda racing car in action NEWSame Skoda zooming up Clay Hill at Oulton Park, Cheshire
Toyota Celica coupe NEW1970s version prepared for motorsport
Triumph 2000TCMk2 2000TC saloon
Triumph Dolomite Sprint NEWMaroon example of the 16v Dolly
Triumph Dolomite Sprint NEWRear view of restored Sprint
Triumph Dolomite Sprint racer NEWFront corner view of race prepped Sprint
Triumph Dolomite Sprint racer NEWRear view of this competition Dolly in the paddock
Triumph GT6 Mk3Final version of the 6 cylinder GT6
Triumph GT6 Mk3 NEW2 racing examples Oulton Park '02
Triumph Spitfire 1500Late model Spitfire, restored
Triumph Spitfire MK41300cc MKIV racing car
Triumph Spitfire MKIV NEWRace prepared Spitfire
Triumph StagV8 3.0 engine
Triumph Toledo NEW1300 brother to the Dolomite
Triumph TR6Roadgoing 150bhp UK version
Triumph TR7 V8Converted to TR8 spec for competition use
Triumph Vitesse Mk2 ConvertibleLater Vitesse featuring rotoflex suspension
TVR NEWRacing example of Blackpool's finest
Vauxhall Firenza DTVDealer Team Vauxhall (Gerry Marshall) racer
Volvo 244DLBack when they built 'em square
VW Beetle Convertible NEWProper Karmann bodied example
VW Beetle Karmann NEWAnother view of this soft-top Bug

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This reference library of motoring images will be added to continually, and will form a comprehensive archive of classic car and truck images on the web. Hopefully there will be something of interest to enthusiasts of all forms of auto related transport! They are grouped approximately by decade, and if you spot a glaring error please let me know via the email link on the homepage. Thanks!
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