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This Page: Volume 3 1950s Classic Cars

There are now well over 450+ classic car photographs in this photo archive, so if you're looking for classic car picture or truck photos, have a browse in the list of car photographs below .. more old car pictures added regularly. Please note: I have now split the images across a number of pages, as one page for all photos was becoming unwieldy. This page now contains images for the 1920s and 1930s vehicles only, with those from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s now having their own pages, which can be chosen from the links below.

These images are some of the many classic cars and trucks that I've seen over the years. This library of photographs is for reference only, and none of the photographs below are to be reproduced either in part or whole anywhere else, unless permission is granted by both the website author and the owner of the car/truck in the photo. Please just enjoy perusing them here as a testament to the lengths enthusiasts go to keep their classic motors on the road into the 21st century!
Volume 1 Images.
Photos of 1920s and 1930s vintage cars, lorry and sporting machines
Volume 2 Images.
View more car photographs, of 1940s WW2 era cars, buses and lorries, racing cars and more
Volume 3 Images.
See more classic car photos, this time of 1950s automobiles, including trucks and a few wrecks too!
Volume 4 Images.
To view photos of 1960s classics, from Austin, MG, Chevrolet, AC, Ferrari, Ford and heaps more
Volume 5 Images.
To see photos of more recent 1970s classics, from Austin, Lancia, Datsun, Jaguar & many more, please click here

All these photos have been taken at classic & vintage car shows, or motor racing events, throughout the last few years. If you spot you car, and it irks you to see it on one of these pages, please let me know and I'll bin it off, or preferably credit the car to its owner. From now on, new photos will be added into the recently launched show-specific photos section - latest pics are from Oulton Park and Smallwood Vintage show.

AC Ace 2.6Original AC Sportscar
AC Ace racing car NEWFront 3/4 view of this classic Brit
AC Ace racing car NEW1950s AC with period modifications
AC Aceca NEWVery civilised fixed head Ace
Ashley 11721950s Ford E93A based special
AllardProduced at Sydney Allards factory
Alvis TD21A quality British machine
Alvis TD21 GraberOriginal drophead TD21 in unrestored condition!
Alvis Grey Lady NEWExclusive 2 tone motorcar from a classic British firm
Aston Martin DB2Highly developed and successful DB2 racing car
Aston Martin DB3S Coupe NEWUnusual closed version of the 50s DB3S
Aston Martin DB3S NEWFront photograph of this classic Aston Martin
Aston Martin DB3S NEWOriginal open version of the DB3S Aston
Austin 101 CommercialBased on the Morris J Type van
Austin A135 PrincessNot a Sheerline as I originally wondered!
Austin A30Early Austin monocoque BMC Austin
Austin A30Front view of the 'Austin Seven' as was
Austin A30 Dragster NEWFront view of highly modified 'A30'
Austin A30 Dragster NEWOn display at the Festival of Speed 2002
Austin A35Original 948cc saloon in black
Austin A35Modified for historic saloon car racing
Austin A35 'Estate'Essentially a van with windows, similar to Countryman
Austin A35 vanThe light commercial variant
Austin A40 Devon pickupA rare example of this model
Austin A70 HerefordLarger version of A40 Somerset
Austin GipsyAustin's rival to Land Rover
Austin Healey FrogeyeKnown as the 'bugeye' in the US
Austin Healey SpritePowder blue example on show
Austin MetropolitanDesigned for the US market
Austin K9In original RAF colours
Bedford tipperIn A1 restored condition
Bedford CA CamperTwo tone motorhome
Bedford O series tanker NEWBedford O Series tanker in restored condition
Bentley Standard saloon NEWStandard steel saloon spotted in the trees at Goodwood
Borgward IsabellaNot a common sight
Cadillac Station Wagon NEWA 1956 Cadillac station wagon woodie (sort of..)
Chevrolet Bel Air NEWA BelAir modified into a dragster
Commer fire enginePhotographed in Llandudno 2002
Daimler SP250 DartGRP Daimler with 2.5 V8 engine
Ecurie Ecosse Commer 2 strokeJaguar Racing car transporter, Goodwood 2001
Falcon Ford-based specialGreat example of 1950s Ford 1172cc special
Ford 100E PopularLast of the 1172 sidevalves
Ford 100E PopularRear view of the yellow Pop'
Ford 100E SquireSmart estate version of the 300E Thames
Ford EdselConvertible version of Ford's flop
Ford Sedan NEWUS Ford, looks a bit like a Fairlane to me
Ford Thames 300E NEWA recently discovered 300E van once home to large dog
Ford Thames E83WOne of my 10hp 10cwt 1172cc sidevalve truck
Ford Thames E83WRestored wooden back pickup
Ford 10 Van NEW10hp van in fantastic condition
Ford PilotComplete with V8 flathead engine
Ford Popular 103ESit up & beg, often seen customised :(
Ford Popular 103EHere driving at a Cheshire show
Ford Prefect E493AReplacement for the earlier E93A
Ford Prefect E493A NEWAnother very good example, this time in green
Ford Thames TraderSpotted at welsh classic vehicle show
Fordson 5cwt vanA wreck behind a classic tow truck
Ford Zephyr Mk1 ConvertibleSeen driving in a parade
Ford Zephyr Mk1 EstateConversion by Farnham I think
Ford Zephyr Mk2Later saloon 'hi-line' Ford
Frazer Nash NEWBritish Racing Green sportscar from F-N
GoggomobilFirst Goggomobil I've seen!
HWM Jaguar GT Coupe NEWFantastic car seen at Goodwood 2002
Jaguar XK120Pedal Car!
Jaguar C-Type NEWThe C-Type Jaguar, or put correctly the XK120C
Jaguar D-Type ReplicaSeen at JCC Race Oulton Park 2002
Jaguar Mk1Racing car, also at Oulton Park
Jaguar Mk9 NEWThe mighty MkIX Jaguar
Jaguar XK120 alloy roaster NEWAn alloy bodied XK roadster in racing trim
Jaguar XK120 Racing NEWOne of a number of old Jaguars raced today
Jaguar XK 120 NEWStunning photo of XK series racing car
Jaguar XK120 FHC NEWRear view of a fixed head XK
Jaguar XK120 FHC NEWFixed head coupe version of the classic XK120
Jaguar XK120 NEWCloseup front end view of early alloy body XK120
Jaguar XK150Goodwood Festival of Speed 2001
Jaguar XK150 roadster NEWBrilliant red example of the last XK sports car from Jaguar
Jaguar XKSSRoad car version of the D-Type Jaguar
Jowett JupiterRakish brother to the Javelin saloon
Jowett Jupiter NEWA Jupiter prepared for historic rallying!
Kieft NEWRare example of a Kieft sportscar
Lotus 6Forerunner of the Lotus 7 and Caterham
Mercedes 300SLR NEWThe 300 SLR that won the 1955 Mille Miglia No. 722
MG MGARoadster 1600cc
MG MGAInterior view showing dashboard etc
MG ZA MagnetteSimilar to Wolseley 4/44 & Riley Pathfinder style
Morris CowleyBigger brother to Issigonis' Minor
Morris Isis6 cylinder saloon, spotted in Wales 2001
Morris IsisIn dire need of restoration, rusty & fire damaged
Morris J-Type NEWThe Morris J Type, beloved of 1950s traders everywhere
Morris LC5 LorryOf same type used in ITVs Heartbeat TV series
Morris Minor NEWA great concours example of Issigonis Minor
Morris OxfordTwo tone green example
Porsche 356 Carrera NEWPhoto of the 356 showing its similarity to the later 911
Renault vanRare commercial Renault from the '50s
Renault 4CVStylish French motor car!
Riley 1.5Modified for saloon car racing
Riley PathfinderUnusual post-RM BMC Riley
Riley PathfinderSame car here seen driving
Riley RM1.5 litre RM series saloon
Riley RM DHCSoft top version, similar to roadster
Rover P4Available in a number of engine sizes
Rover P4A black example of the P4
ScammellFront view of 1950s Scammell truck
Scammell ScarabIn British Railways colours
Standard Atlas NEWCamper version of the now-rare Atlas Standard
Standard PennantUpmarket version of the Ten
Standard Vanguard Phase 1 NEWFront view of the Estate car model from the early 50s
Standard Vanguard Phase 1 NEWRear view of this very rare Phase 1 Vanguard Estate
Studebaker NEWA Stude modified for drag racing
Sunbeam Rapier NEWSister Rootes car to the Singer Gazelle etc
Sunbeam Rapier rally car NEWBelieved ex-works Rapier
Sunbeam Talbot 90Seen on parade at a show
Swallow DorettiVery rare car based on early Triumph TR mechanicals
Triumph TR3Later version of the original TR2
Vauxhall CrestaLuxury version of the Wyvern E series
Vauxhall PA CrestaThe Rock and Roll era Vauxhall
Wolseley 1500 NEWBMC Wolseley, similar to the Riley One Point Five
Wolseley 4/44Similar design to MG Magnette
Wolseley 6/90 NEWPopular with Police forces in the 1950s

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This reference library of motoring images will be added to continually, and will form a comprehensive archive of classic car and truck images on the web. Hopefully there will be something of interest to enthusiasts of all forms of auto related transport! They are grouped approximately by decade, and if you spot a glaring error please let me know via the email link on the homepage. Thanks!
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