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See Homepage. This page: Black and white photographs featuring Hillman Minx cars, late 1940s / early 1950s.
Original transport photographs
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1. 1955 Hillman Minx in New Zealand.

This page will focus on the Minx range of the early-mid 1950s. Earlier Minxes, plus the estate-car & Husky versions of the Minx, appear on their own pages in this photo section. The Hillman shown in the photograph below dates to the mid 1950s. Hans kindly sent this picture in:
"The 1955 Hillman Minx (these cars were also sold as Humbers in NZ) belonged to a relation of my wife's. She doesn't know exactly who it was, she was only 4 years old at the time."
1955 Hillman Minx car
Hans continued: "I don't have a classic car myself, though owned a few when they were "just old bangers" .... I was born and raised in Holland, but emigrated to New Zealand in 1970. My first car was an Austin A30, my second an A35. I've owned several Cortinas - Mks 1,2,3 and 4, plus Vauxhall PBs, a Triumph Herald estate, a Hillman Minx estate, 2 VW Kombis, 1 Beetle, a Mini, a 105E "anglebox"(both ex- my mum).

Up until the early 80s, NZ's cars were mostly English, or American for the more affluent. Also of course the Australian Holden or Ford Falcon. Oddly enough, I never liked Holdens,and still don't. But never bought a Falcon either!

My last 4 vehicles have all been Japanese, including a much loved Mazda E2000 van. I still regret selling that, and I still see it around now and then, but in a very sad state. My current mode of transport is, to quote J.Clarkson, "the most boring car in the world". I refer of course to the Toyota Corolla. Boring it may be, but it's one of the most reliable and cheapest to own. As a 1992 model with 130.000km under it's belt, it's still a great little runabout. Of course, if the opportunity to swap it for a running A35 van arose, I'd jump at it. Regrettably, I doubt whether there's more than a couple left in the whole of New Zealand. Even the saloons are pretty rare now. Still see quite a few Morrie Minors, some still in daily use. Cars do last quite well here, unless you live near the sea, or on the West coast. It rains a lot there, so cars rust away before your eyes. I'm also quite partial to the flowing lines of the Riley RMs, but again, few and far between. Sorry I've rambled on a bit, so I'll wish you all the best from the bottom of the world, and hope to see your site continue apace."

2. An early post-war Minx parked outside The Old Cottage tea rooms.

Another old photograph featuring a post-war Minx, perhaps a MkIV or V?? The young chap stood alongside the Hillman must have been proud of his smart modern car, surrounded as it was by numerous antiquated pre-war motorcars. The registration, JYS 789, shows that the Minx was registered in Glasgow. I've tried to find a reference to The Old Cottage tea rooms in that area, but as yet no success. I did find mention of a tea room still with that name down in Newton Abbot, so could that be the location of this scene? maybe someone recognises these tea rooms, and the other buildings visible. The photo is dated 17th August 1952.
An early 50s Hillman Minx

3. A Minx photographed in 1952.

Toby contacted me after seeing the photographs of old Hillmans on oldclassiccar, attaching this cracking old photo which was taken in 1952: "We had a '52, in maroon. Here is a B&W photo that was taken in 1952 after we'd bought it. My dad is at the wheel, I'm looking out rear driver side window (age 12 then, 68 now), and my 20-year old brother (now 76) standing. Hope you like it! It was a great car! We traded it in on a black '58, ALSO a great car. I have no photo of that one. That one had a great design, but the interior was not quite as good as the kangaroo cow-hide we had in the '52. Toby."
Thanks for sending this over Toby!! A smart Phase VIII convertible can now be found here.
1952 Hillman Minx

4. A c1952 Hillman Minx in BC, Canada.

Maurie found the site, and sent over this original photo of a circa 1952 Hillman Minx that belonged to his family, living in BC (British Columbia), Canada. He adds: "I was going through some old photos, and I came across this family pic, my mother, and sisters then me with the cap. I think the car is a 1952 Hillman, and the picture is taken about 1954 in Trail, BC, Canada. Feel free to use it for your site". Thanks Maurie!".
A 1950s Minx seen in Canada

5. Another '50s Minx parked at a restaurant.

The Hillman in the next photograph was captured outside a restaurant in France. The Minx looks decidedly well laden, so they must have had a 'steady' trip to wherever this group's destination was. The menu (carte) is just visible in the window behind the car, as is a Martini Rossi wall thermometer near the door. A chalk-written menu board is leaning against the wall, with words such as "Potage" (soup) and "Pommes" (potatoes) discernible in the original photo. I might be wrong but the lady in the front passenger seat looks like a nun.
A Minx parked in France outside a restaurant

6. A 1949 Hillman Minx in a Rootes dealership.

Les kindly sent the following three photographs in, all with a Hillman Minx theme to them. The first shows a 1949 Minx and other Rootes-group cars in the spacious showroom of what would later become the Canterbury Motor Company (CMC), a Rootes dealership. A large Humber, and a Sunbeam Talbot, are also in view, as is a range of motoring accessories over to the right of shot. The accessories include chrome bumper overriders, a fire extinguisher, a GB plate, a large spotlamp, and a heater.
A 1949 Hillman Minx in a Rootes dealership

7. An outside view of the same dealership.

Next, an external look at this Rootes dealership, with the same three cars peering out.
A Rootes Group garage

8. A Minx in the service bay.

The last of Les' photos shows a Minx (DJG 708) being worked on in the quick-service bay at the garage. Note the smart compressors built into the back wall, and the chap on the right, fitting a tyre to a lorry wheel (Commer?). The Minx looks to be having an oil change, and is perched high up on a hydraulic lift, similar in principle to the Sky-Hi lift of the 1930s. Thanks Les!
Hillman Minx being worked on in a mechanic's service bay

9. Side view, early 1950s.

Thanks again to Pete for sending in photos of his father's cars, in this case a 1949-onwards Minx about which nothing is known. Judging by how many of the (single-glazed) house windows visible in the background are open, it was a particularly warm time of year.
Click to view:
Side view of a Minx

10. A 1955 car.

Photos of old cars continue to turn up, Ian discovered the following snapshot - of himself - while sorting through various inherited items, and emailed it over in March 2017. The scene dates to 1961, the location being Chesterfield in Derbyshire. The Minx though is earlier. Judging by its London-area original registration (857 EMT) the car dates to 1955, and was still in very trim condition, with glistening paintwork and polished chrome-plate. A matching pair of wing mirrors (a discussion around which recently featured on the OCC forum), appears to be the only post-production alteration. Fab photo Ian, thanks for sending it over, it makes for an interesting comparison with the 1955 Minx photographed in New Zealand, at the top of this page. Happily the original receipt for when Ian purchased the Minx has also turned up, and it can now be seen below.
1955 Hillman Minx

Wingerworth Service Station, Chesterfield.

A short while after publishing the above photo, Ian dropped me a line again, this time with a scan of the receipt for when he purchased 857 EMT. The supplying dealer was the Wingerworth Service Station Ltd, Motor Agents & Engineers, of Derby Road, Wingerworth, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. As with the old photograph, the receipt dates to 1961. Wingerworth's was clearly a large concern, the attractive header advises that they were area dealers for Dodge trucks, Plymouth & Chrysler cars, in addition to being suppliers of new Ford and Fordson vehicles, including cars, commercial vehicles, and tractors. They were also suppliers of Mobiloil products.
Wingerworth Service Station, Chesterfield
Thanks for sending that over too Ian. Happily the site on Derby Rd still exists to this day, and is now home to a fork lift truck servicing business.

11. An early post-war Minx in for repair.

Can anyone help i.d. the likely location for this garage scene, based on the distinctive registration plate fitted to both the c1949 Minx, and the motorcycle just visible to the left? The car is finished in a two-tone paint scheme, and is RHD. Clearly the wiry chap on the right, modelling a re-assuringly well-worn set of overalls, is engaged in repair to the Hillman Minx. Both the bonnet and the grille are slightly out of position, although I can't quite decide whether they're simply loosely in position, or have received a nudge. The latter is more likely I think as the grille bars don't look entirely straight. The front of the car appears to be perched on wooden trestles. No information accompanies this interesting photo sadly.
Front view of a 1949 Minx

Preserved Hillman Minxes & other Rootes Group cars.

The photo slideshow in the first video below contains 120 photos of preserved Hillmans, Humbers, Singers, Talbots and other members of the former Rootes Group era, including a large number of Minxes of different era. Worth a look if you like these Rootes-era cars. The second video contains original, in-period, photographs of the same types of cars.
Many more old motoring pics can be found in the vintage motoring photos section, including - for example - an interesting pair that show a two-door Minx Californian MkVII of 1954.

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