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Original transport photographs
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1930s MG tourer MG 5560

Photos of old cars, vans, trucks and lorries.

Old Classic Car is packed with recent photographs featuring vintage and classic cars, whether preserved and on show at a classic event, or residing in a scrapyard somewhere hoping to be rescued. These modern photos from across the UK and overseas are featured in the Car Photos section, so worth a look if you're interested in modern photos of older cars.

Proper old photos.
This section however will contain a selection of interesting, original, photographs, often taken with fairly basic cameras such as the Kodak Box Brownie, featuring old cars when they were new, and not seen as historic vehicles. Rare wartime drawings also feature. As this section grows, hopefully it will complement other corners of oldclassiccar that contain scans of olde worlde postcards. Don't forget, there are lots more black & white pics of unidentified 'mystery cars' also on OCC.

If you have any period pictures like those featured here, I'd really like to hear from you! Someone who did, sent me photographs of old ice cream vans, and they are now on this page dedicated to these neat little commercials.

Photographs found so far.

Index of vintage motoring photographs
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In addition to pics shown in the Mystery Cars corner (link above), the following photos & drawings have turned up..
E493A Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect journeys to Le Mans for the 1950 24hr race. (3 pics)

  Old Taxi cab at Butlins
A 1939 London Taxi seen at Butlins Holiday Camp in 1956. (2 pics)

  Old Garage
Tippen's Garage seen 1950s & 1960s. (4 pics)

Ford Consul Mark 1
Ford Mk1 Consul Convertibles and saloons. (13 pics)

  1950s Humber limo
Wonderful old Humber Pullman limo with its driver. (1 pic)

  Carpark photograph
Panoramic views of public car parks. (7 pics)

Austin 7 Tourer
An Austin 7 Tourer seen in the early 1950s. (3 pics)

  Austin Ruby
A 1930s Austin Ruby. (4 pics)

  Ford Ten
Ford 7W Ten. (4 pics)

Ford 7Y 8hp
Various views of the 1937-39 Ford 7Y (8hp). (15 pics)

  Austin Ruby photos
Photos of Austin Rubys, plus a 20/4 Ranelagh. (3 pics)

  Aermacchi Harley-Davidson scooter trailer
Aermacchi Harley Davidson scooter transporter trailer. (1 pic)

A40 Devon pickup
Proud owners with their Austin A40 pickups. (3 pics)

  Austin A90 photos
Streetscenes featuring A90 Atlantic coupes. (3 pics)

  A90 Atlantic dhc in Australia
Photos of Austin A90 Atlantics, inc in Australia. (8 pics)

Standard Flying 8 tourer
Early images of soft-top Standard 8s. (5 pics)

  Austin K8 van
25cwt Austin K8 delivery vans & dropside lorry. (3 pics)

  1930s Vauxhall
Vauxhall 10 saloons. (6 pics)

Vauxhall Wyvern saloon E type
Superb photos of 1950s E-Series Wyverns. (7 pics)

  Wolseley 1500 in white
Different photos of late 50s Wolseley 1500s. (5 pics)

  Wartime RAF cartoons
Fab cartoons done of an unidentified RAF vehicle in '44.

Hillman Minx cars
Photos of 1949-1955 Hillman Minx saloons. (11 pics)

  The Concords and their Bedford CA
Band The Concords and their CA panel van. (1 pic)

  Morris LD
Morris LD used by band Same Size. (1 pic)

1147cc Herald
Herald 948cc and 1200cc saloons. (7 pics)

  '57 Minx car
A '57 Hillman Minx photographed in 1969. (5 pics)

  Frogeye Sprite pic
Austin-Healey Mk1 Sprite. (14 pics)

Twenties Jowett
A rare Jowett touring car from the 20s. (2 pics)

More Vauxhall E-Series Wyverns. (2 pics)

  MGB Roadster in 60s London
Chrome bumper MGB Roadsters & GTs. (12 pics)

Rover P2 tourer
A Rover P2 takes part in Polar Rally 1954. (2 pics)

Superb Hillman Minx Coupe de Ville! (1 pic)

  1930s/40s Vauxhall
30s/40s Vauxhall saloon on a family picnic. (1 pic)

Model T Ford
Ford Model T vans and trucks. (14 pics)

  Morris saloon
Series 2 Morris Minors. (11 pics)

  1920s Singer tourer
A 1920s Singer tourer. (4 pics)

Austin 8
Austin 8 saloons. (3 pics)

  Austin 16
A larger Austin also serving overseas in the 40s (1 pic)

  Large Humber saloon
Humber Pullman staff car used by the RAF. (1 pic)

Mk1 Ford Cortina
Mk1 Ford Cortinas. (9 pics)

  Mark 3 Ford Cortina
Ray's 1973 Mk3 Cortina. (2 pics)

  Willys Type 77 sedan
1933 & 1936 Willys 77 sedan. (3)

Vauxhall Victor FB
A 1962/63 Victor FB Estate. (3 pics)

  Hillman Husky estate
Hillman Husky & Estate. (11 pics)

  Bedford OB mobileshop
Two Bedford mobile shops. (2 pics)

Crossley Cup motorcycle trials on the Isle of Man
Crossley Cup motorcycle trial, Corner Garage, Isle of Man. (1 pic)

  Austin Ruby chassis
Children playing on an old Austin Seven Ruby chassis. (1 pic)

  1930s International truck photo
A photo of a driver with his International coal truck. (1 pic)

Chevy Bel Air
1957 Chevy Bel Airs. (2 pics)

  Dodge Coronet
1953 Dodge & 1958 Olds. (1 pic)

  Austin 7
Austin Seven in theatre? (1 pic)

Don't forget, in addition to these photographs of older cars and other vehicles, are many more that feature as-yet unidentified vehicles - to see the photos of unidentified cars, visit the re-organised Mystery Cars section.



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