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See Homepage. This page: A smart two-door Singer tourer from the late twenties.
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Singer Tourer from the 1920s.

Within a collection of photographs I bought, came these four original images, featuring a lovely old two tone Singer touring car. Other vintage photos can be found in the old photos section of oldclassiccar.
1920s Singer
This first photograph shows the Singer car head-on, and with its folding canvas roof in the up position.

A look on the Motor Vehicle Licencing website suggests that this car, registration HS 5583, doesn't appear so whether it has survived is open to some question.

I'm not an expert on Singers (or most things in fact!), so I'm not quite sure what model features in this picture. I'm sure it dates to the mid/late 1920s, but whether it is a 10-60, or a Senior perhaps, I really don't know. The Junior model is a bit smaller but does have the bracing bar between the front mudguards as in the photo, so perhaps that it what this particular twenties car is.

The young lady leaning against the front wing is dressed in typical clothing for the 1920s, the hat especially being a real giveaway. The telegraph pole to the left is of a certain age too.

More photographs of this Singer tourer appear further down the page, showing the same car with its roof folded and in a different location. It also appears to have been taken on a different date too - the tax disc appears in the windscreen in the first picture, whereas on the pictures below it is contained in a motorcycle-style tax disc holder mounted to the windscreen frame.

The rear view shows the dickey seat folded down into the Singer's coachwork, and the hood with sidescreens still in place. I think all of the photos were taken on different days - note the changes of dress and different background scenes.

1920s Singer
1920s Singer
1920s Singer

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