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Ford Cortina Mark 3

Two more pics from Ray, this time showing the Mark 3 4dr that he owned in the 1970s.

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Mark 3 Ford Cortina

Ray sent me photos of his Mk1 Cortina, then followed up with the two photographs shown here, of the copper brown Mk3 he owned in the seventies.

He was less impressed with the handling of the later car, but still liked his Cortinas nonetheless. The photos were taken in 1975, and show his 1973 Mk3 1600 XL, which he owned for a total of 6 years. After he sold it, he lost touch with the old Ford. Curiously, a look on the DVLA/Motor Vehicle Licensing website, still shows a record for the bronze coloured Cortina, with a 'date of liability' showing 18/07/1986. Maybe the car was scrapped, and the logbook never returned to Swansea, or perhaps the car still exists, sat un-taxed in a lockup somewhere? The Mk3 was introduced in 1970, as a direct replacement for not just the Mk2 Cortina, but also the Corsair.

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