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See Homepage. This page: A selection of original photographs showing these classic Fords of the 1960s.
Original transport photographs
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Ford Cortina Mark 1 in Ermine White.

Thanks to Ray, who emailed the first pair of Cortina photographs over. They both show his four door Mk1 Cortina, built in 1965.
Ford Cortina
The stylish Ford Cortina, or Consul Cortina as the earliest examples were known, were one of the most popular cars of the 1960s. Ray owned this example from 1965 and preferred it's driving manners to a later Cortina that he would own in the 70s .. "the photo show a 1965 Mk1 Cortina deluxe, painted Ermine White. I had this for about eight years, then moved on to a Mk 3."

2. A Cortina prepared for competition.

Next is a period shot of a Mk1 Cortina parked at a racing circuit. Registered in 1964 as ADF 448B, this example sports a Consul rather than a Cortina bonnet badge, probably one of the last cars to be badged like this. This one has been prepared for competition - note the two lamps let in to cut-outs in the front grille, plus a third lamp (Cibie Oscar perhaps?) perched in the middle. A roof-mounted Lucas spotlamp can also be made out, bolted to the Cortina's roof.
ADF has also been given a side flash, not unlike the green stripe seen on the Mk1 Lotus Cortina. A rubber ring affixed to the inside of the screen suggests that perhaps an angled spotlamp, such as a Helphos, was also used in some navigational road events. Just visible is a small rectangular label stuck in the top corner of the screen, labelled 'Competitor'.
A Ford Consul Cortina Mk1
Several other cars are visible in the background, including a Sunbeam Rapier, a Mini van, another white Mk1 Cortina, a two tone 1100/1300, and at least three Minis.

3. Another modified Mk1 Cortina.

A four door Mark 1 Cortina, reg MJH 129C, is seen here queuing up alongside some tuned Minis. The Cortina, a 1965 registered example, sports an assortment of auxiliary lamps mounted on the front grille, most of which seem to be pointing in various directions. Note the smart wide steel wheels, probably ex-Lotus Cortina. Next to the Ford are various oil cabinets, one containing tins of Duckhams Q 20/50, the other various Castrol products. A petrol pump is just visible too, fitted with a "VIP" illuminated globe, not one I've come across before. A building in the background carries signs for Bowman's Vehicle Radiators. Everyone seems to be wearing heavy coats, suggesting a winter's day.
Mark 1 Cortina

4. More Cortina rally cars.

A couple more photos now to join those already shown above. At first, I thought this pair of pictures were of the same car, but the differing spotlamp arrangements suggest they are in fact different cars. Firstly, an action shot of a Mk1 Cortina, with a touch of opposite lock applied, competing on a rally stage. Note how the upper surfaces of the bonnet and front wings have been painted matt black, to reduce glare for the driver and navigator (where used). The second, rather badly exposed photo, shows the other Mk1, plastered in mud presumably after completing a stage. A close look at the original photo shows the word Bournemouth on the front door, perhaps a sponsor, or a hint as to where these rally stages took place??
Mark 1 rally car sliding on a rally stage
Another Cortina
The Mk1 Cortina proved to be a very flexible model in the Ford range, first introduced to the UK motorist in 1962. Throughout the sixties, buyers would be able to choose from fairly standard saloons, either 2 or 4 door, the reasonably potent GT, and the super-quick Lotus Cortina, although not all models were available from day 1. Those wanting some extra carrying capacity could also choose a roomy estate version, some of which (the 1500 Super) had faux wood stuck on the side - 1200 estates didn't receive such appendages - although it was a factory option if you really wanted it! All Mk1 saloons had the distinctive 'ban the bomb' (CND) rear lights, something that the Mk2 Ford Cortina would lose, having to make do with boring rectangular lamps instead (the Mk2 Cortinas took over from the Mk1 in late 1966).

5. A standard 4 door saloon.

Back to roadgoing Mk1 Cortinas now, and this four door example photographed in August 1967. The car, registered in 1966, was snapped in a garage car park near Evercreech Junction in Shepton Mallet. The Ford was only a year or so old at this point, yet already had gained a minor war wound on the front wing. The garage was obviously RAC-approved, and also a Duckhams Q 20-50 stockist, if the enamel signs are anything to go by.
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
A four-door Cortina seen in 1967

6. Mk1 Cortina Deluxe.

Next, a four-door Mk1 Cortina Deluxe, registration number 19 HOK, displaying its distinctive rear lights. The Ford is shown parked in front of a large static caravan, somewhere in Europe. Whoever owned the Cortina liked his or her motoring accessories. A close look at the car reveals a stick-on rear window demister panel, while sat on the rear parcel shelf is the ultimate 1960's add-on, in the shape of a nodding dog. The HOK registration series was first used in the Birmingham area, in July 1947, although this incarnation dates to early 1963.
Mk1 Cortina Deluxe

7. Mk1 Consul Cortina (LHD).

Now, a front three-quarter view of a LHD Ford Consul Cortina (Mk1) in a car park. The photo isn't dated but I assume it's from the mid-1960s, the car looks to be in good clean condition, although the front bumper and numberplate bear witness to some less-than-successful parking manoeuvres.
Mk1 Consul Cortina
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