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See Homepage. This page: A 5th page of classic transport-related photographs.
Original transport photographs
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Early transport photographs Page 5.

Further selection of old photos of cars, lorries, and vans.

I'm always on the look-out for early photographs with a motoring feel to them, so if you have anything that would fit in here, please drop me an email. Old pictures turn up all over the place. Sometimes in unexpected places, such as charity shops and junk shops, although it can require a great deal of patience. Most of the photos on this page are from my own collection, although those that have been sent over by visitors to the site are credited accordingly. These pictures are interesting for many reasons - not only the vehicles that they show (often not the intended subject of the photograph), but also the styles of dress seen on people in the shot, road furniture that may be visible, and the look of the environment in general - old houses, shops and so on give a glimpse into how things were in the past.

Some cars in old photos I've yet to identify, and they have been scanned and placed on the Mystery Car photo pages.

Here goes with Page 5 in this vintage photo collection!

Even more photos!

Index of vintage motoring photographs
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Aston Martin
Aston Martin Le Mans (1 pic)

Vintage Napiers (3 pics)

  Jaguar SS2
Standard Swallow SS2 (2 pics)

1932 Ford
1932 Ford Model B Fordor sedan (2)

  Standard car
Standard Flying 8 cars (8 pics)

  Mercedes Benz car
'30s Mercedes 200 saloon (1 pic)

Singer Nine cars
Singer 9 saloons (inc Bantam) (5 pics)

  Austin 7
Austin 7 saloon cars Page 1 (14)

  Wolseley saloon
Wolseley 8 & 9 (4 pics)

Trials car
Austin-based trials car (4 pics)

  Sidecar racing
Sidecar racing in 1954 (1 pic)

  Cars and vans parked in a street
Late 60s street scene (1 pic)

Fiat 600 car
1955-60 Fiat 600 (5 pics)

  Citroen 2CV car
Citroen 2CVs of the 1950s (2 pics)

  Renault 4 van
Renault van & Dauphine (1 pic)

German DKW car
The DKW F.102 (1 pic)

  Reliant Scimitar
Reliant Scimitar SE5/SE5a (1 pic)

  Simca Vedette saloon car
Simca Vedette Trianon (2 pics)

Silver City Bristol Freighter
Silver City Bristol Freighter & SuperFreighter car ferries (9 pics)

  Fiat 1100 car 1950s
Fiat 1100 4 door saloons (2 pics)

  A black Austin A30
Austin A30 saloons (AS3 & AS4 types) (10 pics)

Lancia Ardea car
Lancia Ardea taking part in a carnival (2 pics)

  Fiat 1100b cabriolet
Fiat 1100B cabriolet & lwb 1100BL Taxi (4 pics)

  Ford 105E Anglia
Ford 105E rally car competing in Kenya (1 pic)

A40 car
Innocenti A40 Mk1 (1 pic)

  VW splitscreen bus
Splitscreen VW bus (4 pics)

  Vehicles at Hyde Park corner in London
Traffic at Hyde Park Corner (1 pic)

Austin 7 van
Austin 7 vans (2 pics)

  Old snowplough
Fiat snowplough in action (1 pic)

  Chrysler saloon car
Chrysler Windsor / Royal (2 pics)

Jensen Interceptor conv. (1 pic)

  Daimler V8 car
Daimler Majestic Major (14 pics)

  Cars in a street
Cars on a cobbled street (1 pic)

Austin estate car
Austin A70 woodie (1 pic)

  Chrysler 180
Chrysler 180 saloon (2 pics)

  Cars on a bridge
Austin & Ford Pop (1 pic)

Morris 8 saloon
Morris 8 Series 2 (9 pics)

  Lincoln Zephyr V12
1936/37 Lincoln Zephyr (1 pic)

  Hillman Minx car
1930s & 40s Hillman Minx (26 pics)

Mercedes Benz 190SL
Mercedes 190SL (1 pic)

  Rover P6 3500
Rover 3500 V8 (1 pic)

  Classic charabanc
Leyland charabanc & others (8 pic)

Bedford RL lorry
Bedford RL (6 pics)

  Humber Pig 4x4 Army
Army Humber Pig (1 pic)

  A 16hp Sunbeam car
Sunbeam 16hp saloon (1 pic)

Austin 10 tourer
Austin 10/4 tourer (1 pic)

  Old Esso car garage
Early Esso garage (1 pic)

  Mk2 Ford Zephyr convertible
Zephyr Mk2 Convertible (1 pic)

Austin 1100 saloon car
Austin 1100/1300 4dr (6 pics)

  Ford Consul Capri car
Ford Consul Capri GT (1 pic)

  Morris 8
Morris 8 Series 1 tourer (7 pics)


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