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Original transport photographs
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1. Mid-1930s Singer saloon car.

This photo, showing a 9hp Singer, is in less-than-brilliant condition, but had to be included simply because of what it shows. Why is this bloke perched on the top of his bonnet & radiator surround? is he pretending to be an oversize bonnet mascot for his '30s saloon? We'll never know the answers, but he looks like he was having fun anyway. The car is a Singer 9 from the mid-1930s. Just visible in the background is a motorcycle, with another car parked in front. The registration number of the 'bike is partly visible, with its registration number showing an area code of 'XU' which, according to an old RAC handbook, suggests that it was first registered in the London area. Chances are then that this scene was also from that neck of the woods.
Singer 9 car

2. A Belfast-registered Singer 9 from 1937.

The following three photos were sent over by Ian. The car is a 1937 Singer 9 saloon, unusually fitted with full-width wheel discs. Ian adds the following background information to the photographs:
"The 1937 navy blue and black Singer 9 bore an EZ Belfast registration. It was our means of transportation between 1955 and 1958. Top speed of about 40MPH, it was luxury compared with the bus. The photo on the beach shows her at Portstewart, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland in 1957. She was a trooper. When other more powerful cars got stuck in the sand, she drove past them because she was so light. Another shows us using the Singer's running board as a seat. The final photo shows her grille in the background, patiently waiting to carry us home from my aunt's house."
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Ian's 1937 Singer Nine
Sat on the car's running board
The third of Ian's Singer photos also features a rather fine old pedal car, a tatty example of which I've got myself. A charming set of photos, thanks for sending them over!
Singer plus pedal car

3. Singer 9 Bantam picnic stop.

Next is a family photo provided by Chris Russell. In it, a two-door Singer 9 Bantam is parked on grass during a picnic stop. Its owner leans against the small saloon, pondering things while drawing upon his pipe. The styling of these Singers is very similar to that of contemporary Morris 8s, and it's very easy to confuse the two, when viewed side-on. Thanks for the picture Chris.
Singer 9 Bantam
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