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See Homepage. This page: A Fiat snow plough works to clear a snowy mountain road in Italy.
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Car parked in the snow with skis on the roof

Fiat Snow-Plough.

This snowy scene dates I think to the 1950s and shows a Lancia car in the background, with old-style wooden skis tied to the roof. In the foreground is a curious looking machine, with a FIAT badge on the bonnet and two people perched on top. Despite looking around on Italian-language search engines for articles referring to a Fiat-built 'spazzaneve' (snow plough), I've not yet found anything that looks like, or provides more information, on the plough shown here. Maurizio has confirmed that the car in the background is a Lancia Augusta.

Fiat snowplough

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Jim Hall dropped me a line in 2008, with some more information about the Fiat snowploughs: "Fiat started to make crawler tractors from 1932 and were the first mass produced crawlers to be made in Europe. They started with the 700c model from 1932 till 1939. This was followed by the model 40 introduced in 1939 and made all through the war years until 1946. Imports to the UK started in the fifties, with the 50, 51 and 52 models being the most popular with British farmers. I can't tell exactly which model is depicted in your picture as not enough of the undercarriage is showing. The cab would have been homemade, possibly plywood and the snow dozer looks like it was locally made too." Thanks Jim!
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