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See Homepage. This page: A dashing chauffeur seen behind the wheel of a 16hp Sunbeam motorcar from the 1920s.
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A vintage Sunbeam 16 car.

Sunbeam 16 car
The only information that this photo came with is a note on the reverse, saying either August 1927, or August 1937. Judging by the car's immaculate condition, it could be that this Sunbeam was photographed when brand new, which would tie in with a date of 1927 for the picture. Even the dog seems impressed with his reflection in the Sunbeam's gleaming coachwork! My guess is that the chauffeur is at the wheel, and perhaps the owner of the stately pile in the background is taking the photograph. Not knowing much about vintage Sunbeams, I dropped a line to Colin who presides over the Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register website, which deals with these vintage motorcars, and he came back with the following information:
"Yes almost certainly this is a Sunbeam 16 from 1927 or 1928. This was Sunbeam's most successful model, in that more were made than of any other - available with various open touring or closed coachwork - about 4500 were produced in total. It was introduced in 1927 and ran on until 1933. The basic 5 seat open tourer cost 550 GBP in 1927. This closed model would have been more.
In the earlier years, such as this one, they had a 2040cc 6 cyl ohv engine. Top speed about 60mph and giving about 20mpg. The 16hp nominal RAC rating equates to about 55bhp in modern parlance. Sunbeams were on a par with modern day Jaguars. They were very refined and amongst other things were noted for excellent steering and braking, Sunbeam being the first English make to introduce 4 wheel braking perfected from Grand Prix racing."
Thanks for the information!
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An earlier Edwardian-era Sunbeam tourer can also be found in this section of the site, as can a set of photos featuring a 1924 Sunbeam 14/40. A Sunbeam Twenty of similar vintage to the car shown above, can be seen here.


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