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See Homepage. This page: An interesting picture showing a driver with his 1930s Aston Martin Le Mans.
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Aston Martin Le Mans 2/4 seater.

Aston Martin Le Mans
Firstly, a huge thanks to Bronwen who sent over some photographs from her family album. I've been pondering about the model of Aston Martin shown in this photograph. The first models that sprung to mind were the Ulster and the International, which first went on sale in 1929, however I was later advised that it is an Aston Martin Le Mans.

This photo was taken in 1948ish, and it shows Bronwen's father proudly stood with his Aston. The 3 cups (1 large and 2 small) balanced on the bonnet suggest that he'd competed in some competitions or other with the car. This particular Aston Martin, registration AGP 550, is believed to survive in Switzerland, having been exported a few years back. Note the ancient ("fat boy") petrol pump, with Shell globe, in the background, and what looks like a Redex (upper cylinder lubricant) sticker in the windscreen above the tax disc.
Halbe dropped me a note in 2009 about the Aston Martin shown above, advising that it is a "Le Mans" Aston, rather than an International - "The picture of the old Aston Martin on your website is not an International. APG550 is a 1932 / 1933 Le Mans 2/4 seater on the short chassis, chassis number C3/242/S."

The Aston's current whereabouts.

Peter got in touch in November 2010 having stumbled across this page. He now owns this Aston Martin Le Mans, and sends the following information and recent photographs of the car in action ...
I am quite excited to find the 1948 photograph of the mentioned car with the chassis number C3/242/S. You are right, the AM LM was exported to Switzerland. My father bought it about 1970 at Silverstone and drove it over to its new destination. Since 1997 I am the owner of this particular classic. By the way, C means March, 3 means 1933, 242 is the serial number and S stands for short chassis.
This Aston Martin competing in 2006
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