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See Homepage. This page: A pair of photographs showing a Chrysler, originally registered in Liechtenstein.
Original transport photographs
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1949 Chrysler sedan.

The two photographs shown here came with a batch of pics taken in Liechtenstein, and the Chrysler's registration number (FL 2200) is very similar to those seen fitted on VW Type2s, that were photographed on the same holiday trip.

I'm told that the car is a Chrysler Windsor, four door sedan (saloon), dating to 1949 or thereabouts. I've looked at a number of pictures that show '49 Chryslers and I've not seen one exactly the same as the car shown here, most have a slightly different grille treatment, and the rear end is usually slightly different too. Perhaps it is a Royal, or a Windsor but of a different year? Answers on a postcard please!

The first pic shows the Chrysler parked outside Stamps Watches, in Vaduz (capital of Liechtenstein), and the second, parked outside the holidaymakers' guesthouse.

1949 Chrysler
Chrysler car in Liechtenstein

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