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See Homepage. This page: Various Fiats plus a lone Renault 4, parked in front of an old building.
Original transport photographs
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1. Fiat 1100 car series.

A variety of classics appear in this old photo. The two most visible are an early Renault 4 saloon, and parked alongside a diminutive 4 door Fiat 1100 saloon.
This version of the Italian Fiat 1100 (the 1100-103) was first seen in 1953, replacing the earlier Fiat 1100B/1100E models. A four door saloon and a handy station wagon were available. Two variants were offered initially, a base-level "Economica", and the slightly better equipped "Normale". Three years into production, and a number of alterations to the body were introduced. In 1962 a further revision of the 1100 range came along, the car now being known as the 1100D.
Fiat plus other cars

2. A multi-coloured 1100-503.

Nothing is known regarding the location of this next photograph, only the car, an early example of the Fiat 1100-503, can be identified. Someone has clearly been busy with a paintbrush, judging by the car's unusual colour scheme - maybe it was undergoing some re-furbishment. A motorcycle can be seen leaning against the wall behind the Fiat, and a tiny little chap is climbing the entrance steps to the building behind. Also note the stylish push-along buggy left alongside the car.
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Fiat 1100-503 saloon
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