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See Homepage. This page: A Ford Pop and 40s Austin traverse a road bridge in Bideford.
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A selection of cars crossing a bridge in the 1950s.

A moment in time frozen forever in this small photograph. The car on the left, driving away from the photographer, is an upright Ford Popular 103E (registration HCR 477, a Southampton number), in hot pursuit of something altogether more sporting. Coming towards us is an Austin (an Austin 10?) with its sunshine roof open, and a much newer 100E behind it. Also of interest in this photo is the old style traffic light, and the much earlier (Victorian?) street lamps further away.

Does anyone recognise this location? the building up on the hill behind looks like a guesthouse, so perhaps this is an area popular with tourists, perhaps on the south coast somewhere? Chances are this bridge is still in use, although the likelihood of the cars still surviving is slim to say the least..

Cars on a bridge

Update November 2007. Jeremy, who had a look through these old photos, dropped me a line to identify the location of this picture: "I can shed a little light on some of the photographs. On Transport Photographs page 5, the photo called 'Austin and Ford Pop' (A selection of cars crossing a bridge in the 1950s) is taken on Bideford bridge in North Devon. The camera shot is taken looking towards the East and would take you to Barnstaple." Thanks for dropping me a line to let me know :-)

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