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Wolseley 8hp hire car.

Where are all the Wolseleys now? They were popular in their day, right through to the 1970s, yet rarely are seen now. Firstly, a head-on view.
"Hired car - Wolseley 8. Betty at wheel & Bob as passenger. Time 12.00 midday approx. Dull but bright".
Sadly there is no mention of a date, I'd guess late 1930s or sometime during the 1940s? A close look at the photograph shows that the lower sections of the Wolseley's chrome grille have received a few dings, but otherwise the car looks presentable enough.
Photo of a Wolseley 8

A second example of Wolseley 8hp saloon car.

Ten years after first publishing this page, a couple more photos of a smart Wolseley 8 have turned up so it's high time I update this page. Both of the following snapshots were discovered in a box of old postcards and photographs at a local collectables emporium, in March 2018. Who the lady is I don't know, nor do I know where the photos were taken. In photo number one, she's caught on film with a map spread over the Wolseley's bonnet. The signs are that it was a warm pleasant day, the sunroof is open and the windscreen wipers are positioned below the (opening) screen, suggesting that it had been open recently to offer a spot of air-conditioning to the Wolseley's occupants.
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Another Wolseley 8hp car
Another warm day, and in photo two the screen is shown in the fully opened position. The Wolseley's bodywork is in fine order, and the paintwork still exhibits a deep shine to it.
Side view of the car
The Wolseley 8 was built between 1946 and 1948, based on the Morris 8 Series E bodyshell albeit with many alterations.
Wolseley 9 saloon car

1934 Wolseley Nine.

JD sent this photograph over, found in a family album. Although not an 8hp Wolseley, it seemed like the right place to add this little photo in for comparison. It shows a 1934 Wolseley 9 six-light saloon, parked at the side of the road with his sister playing on the grass verge. The photo was taken circa 1938 he believes.
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