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See Homepage. This page: One standard SS2 Coupe and a racing 'special' raced at Brooklands.
Original transport photographs
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Two SS2s - one a road car, the other a racing car.

SS2 Jaguar

First up is the photograph shown above, of a smart Standard Swallow (SS) two door coupe, registration JJ 2627. Somewhat overshadowed by the larger SS1, the SS2 offered a more compact and affordable sporting car to the motorist of the early 1930s. The SS2 of 1931 (which actually pre-dated the formation of S.S. Cars Ltd by a couple of years, the company at this point still trading as the Swallow Coachbuilding Company) utilised the chassis of the basic Standard Nine saloon, whereas the chassis constructed for the SS1 was made to measure by Standard, to a design issued by William Lyons and his team at SS (which of course went on to become Jaguar). The rakish looks of the SS2 somewhat belied the performance on offer from the Standard engine, with a meagre 27bhp on tap to propel this neat little coupe in its initial form. In 1934 two larger engine options came on stream, along with a slight increase in wheelbase to offer the occupants a little more room. Production of the SS2 continued for 5 years, with a healthy 1800+ examples of the car being produced, so for SS it was a useful money earner.

Of course this wasn't the first time that William Lyons turned his hand to producing coachwork to fit on other manufacturers' chassis - once his sidecar company had become established in Blackpool, he turned his attentions to building up-market bodies for contemporary chassis, the first commercial offering being the Austin 7-based Swallow. Next came the six cylinder SS1, and the SS2 as shown here in 2 door coupe form. A photo of the later, larger, 1.5 Litre SS Jaguar saloon can be seen here.

Swallow-based racing car

John, one of the regular visitors to my site forum, kindly emailed over the fantastic photograph shown below. The car, designed by and shown with John's father on board, is based on an SS2, and designed to compete at Brooklands and other venues throughout the 1930s. The bodywork is open, with room for driver and co-driver as required. Note the old Mobiloil and Castrol signs to the rear. This SS special ran a supercharged engine, and this pic is one of several that John sent over showing his father in competition motorcars. The remaining photos will be added to the site shortly.

SS Jaguar special

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