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See Homepage. This page: Various 1930s-1940s Standard 8s with their owners, inc saloon, tourer, and dhc.
Original transport photographs
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1. A Standard Flying 8 saloon.

A number of Standard cars now feature on oldclassiccar, including my own 50s '10', plus earlier examples of the marque shown elsewhere within the vintage photo pages. This page concentrates on the Flying Eights. Shown below is a cracking old photo, showing a Standard 8 with its owners. Judging by the bonnet trim, I think this could be a pre-war example of the Flying 8, a range that came out in the mid 1930s and continued in production for a short time after the war. FLE 587 looks in pretty good order, although the chrome bumper no longer looks very special. Note the rear-hinged suicide-type doors. This example also has an AA badge screwed to the grille, and an extra Butler lamp fitted.
Standard Flying 8

2. Standard Flying 8 Reg. no. HPL 233

This old photograph, again featuring a Standard Flying 8, I believe dates to the late 1930s and shows a smart couple with their eight hp car. A close look reveals an AA badge on the grille, and a radio aerial mounted on the offside scuttle. This car was registered in the Surrey area.
Another Standard Flying Eight

3. Standard Flying 8 Reg. no. FKA 504.

FKA 504 was first registered in the Liverpool area. Unlike the other cars that sport Automobile Association badges, the owner of this car has entrusted his breakdown cover to the R.A.C. judging by the badge affixed to the front bumper.
Another Standard Flying Eight

4. Side view of a Flying 8.

This side-on photograph shown below came in the same batch as the pic of FKA 504, so could well show the same car, this time with a gathering of people stood alongside in suitably 30s clothing.
Side view of a Flying 8

5. Standard Tourer.

These two photographs also turned up recently, and would seem to show a tourer version of a similarly aged Standard car - can anyone confirm the model of car shown below? A Jersey-registered bus or lorry (Albion?) is parked in the background.
Standard tourer car

6. Standard Flying 8 Drophead Coupe.

Next, a post-war photograph of what looks to be a new Flying 8 Drophead Coupe (DHC), with possibly a matching example parked alongside. Whereas the tourer versions made do with lift-out sidescreens, the coupe featured wind-up door windows and a substantial folding roof, with pram irons either side. The flat bonnet side panel suggests post-war rather than a pre-war example. Note the parking guide affixed to the nearside front wing.
Standard Flying 8 dhc

7. A Flying 8 saloon.

Richard kindly sent over the next photo to feature a Flying 8, it shows his grandmother with the family's Standard parked in the background. The Standard replaced a vintage Humber tourer (a photo of which can be seen on this page, photo no.3), and remained in the family until the early 1960s when it was replaced by a Mk2 Zodiac.
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
Another Flying 8
Other old photos showing Standards can be seen on oldclassiccar, including several of this 1940s Flying 8hp tourer. More Flying 8 saloons can be seen on this this second page of photos.
A screensaver featuring lots of classic Standards can also be found on this page, and a free-to-use parts noticeboard is over here.
Whether Ryde Garage on the Isle of Wight was a Standard agency or not I'm not sure, but a pre-war Flying 8 appears on this garage desk blotter from September 1939.
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