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See Homepage. This page: Page 7 in this collection of old photographs featuring motor vehicles of a certain age.
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I've collected old photographs that feature cars, trucks and vans for some years, and many of the old photos featured on this page are from my own collection of 1920s-1950s images. Some have been kindly sent in by visitors to this site, and I'm extremely grateful for them contacting me with their old photos, and allowing them to be shown here. Quite often the vehicle(s) in a given photograph are not the main subject, usually it is the people in view, yet now it is the cars that are the main focus of interest to old-motor enthusiasts. Many photographs feature cars I've yet to identify, when these turn up I usually place them on the Mystery Photographs page, in the hope that one day they will be identified. The Mystery Car photos can be seen on this page.

If you have any old photos that feature cars, or other types of motorised transport, in them, it would be great to be able to feature them here. I can be contacted via this page.

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Index of vintage motoring photographs
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Jersey Road Race 1948
Cars, Luigi Villoresi, Maserati 4CL, Jersey Road Race, 1948 (4 pics)

  Falcon Caribbean special
A Falcon Caribbean and Miss 'BP' Bikini... (2 pics)

  Austin 16/6
Vintage Austin Six (7 pics)

Rover 2000 TC
Rover 2000SC & 2000TC (P6) (5)

  Singer Le Mans
Singer 9 Le Mans / Sports (2 pics)

  Blackburn Beverley
RAF Series 2A Land Rovers (2 pics)

MG TD sportscar
An MG TD sportscar, plus another being prep'd for export (3 pics)

  A one-off sportscar from the 1940s
A superb one-off car built by Jimmy Ball during the 1940s (3 pics)

  Austin Ripley police cars
Two photos of Austin Ripley police cars (2 pics)

Wolseley 4/50 car
A four cylinder Wolseley 4/50 saloon car (1 pic)

  Lotus Elan sportscar
Lotus Elan 1600s seen in 1964 & 1967 (2 pics)

  Chevy Handyman station wagon
B/W & colour photos of a Chevy 150 Handyman (2 pics)

A Duple-bodied Commer
A Commer & Alvis? parked at The George, Piercebridge (2 pics)

  A Daimler Conquest saloon
A Daimler Conquest saloon seen in 1969 (1 pic)

  Austin Somerset car
Austin A40 Somersets in the UK and S Africa (8 pics)

Bentley MkVI
Bentley MkVI Standard Steel Sports Saloon (2 pics)

  Frazer Nash
A chain-driven Frazer Nash competing in a trial (1 pic)

  250cc BSA motorcycle
A 250cc BSA C11G motorcycle with dog on saddle (1 pic)

Austin 7 twin cam racer
An Austin 7 twin cam at Crystal Palace (1 pic)

  Bedford CA vans
Signwritten Mk1 Bedford CA vans, minibus & campers (12 pics)

  Wolseley Hornet
Wolseley Hornet Specials (10 pics)

Opel Olympia saloon cars
Pre-war Opel Olympia saloon cars 1935-37 (4 pics)

  AC 2 Litre saloon
An AC 2 Litre saloon car, 1947-1958 (1 pic)

  V8 Ford cars
V8 Fords from the late 1930s (9 pics)

AC Cobra race cars
AC Cobra 289 competition cars seen in a paddock (2 pics)

  Rear view of a Wolseley 16/60
A Wolseley 16/60 plus traction engines (1 pic)

  Ford Thames 400E
Ford Thames 400E camper, dropside truck & van (4 pics)

A German Stoewer car
Stoewer R180 seen in 1933 (1 pic)

  Britton's Milk float
A Britton's Milk float (1 pic)

  Austin 3 Litre
Austin 3 Litre in a river (2 pics)

The Czech Skoda S100
Skoda S100/S110 of 1969-on (1 pic)

  Morris Minor 1000 4dr saloon car
Morris Minor 1000 (12 pics)

  Ford Model CX
Ford Model CX (2 pics)

A 1936 Morris 8 S1
Morris 8 Series 1 1936/7 (11 pics)

  Ford Anglia saloon car
Ford Anglia E494A (6 pics)

  Morris pickup
Morris Minor pickup truck (1 pic)

A 1939 Vauxhall 14 car
Vauxhall 14hp saloons (11 pics)

  A Sunbeam Rapier
Sunbeam Rapier Series III (5 pics)

  A vintage Citroen
Citroen B2 (12/24) (4 pics)

A 1955 Vauxhall Velox
1950s Vauxhall Velox, Cresta & Wyvern (11 pics)

  An Austin 10 Colwyn
Austin Ten Colwyn cabrio (2 pics)

  Red Triumph TR2
1955 Triumph TR2 (1 pic)

MG J2 1932
c1932 MG J2 (5 pics)

  Ford Zodiac
Mk1 Ford Zephyr Zodiac (4 pics)

  Vauxhall Viscount
Vauxhall Viscount 3.3 (1 pic)

Opel Rekord A type
Opel Rekord A (1 pic)

  Ford Corsair saloon car
Ford Corsair (5 pics)

  Minx Convertible
Hillman Minx convertible (5 pics)

Lea-Francis 14/40
Lea-Francis tourer (1 pic)

  Tempo Hanseat
Tempo Hanseat 15cwt (2 pics)

  Talbot Sunbeam Ti
Talbot Sunbeam Ti (1 pic)


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