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See Homepage. This page: Photographs showing classic pre-war Opel cars, including one of a cabriolet version.
Original transport photographs
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The 1935-1937 Opel Olympia cars.

Two photographs showing the 1935-1937 Opel Olympia saloon to begin with. The distinctive design of the side windows, and especially the enclosed headlamps tapering into the body which was quite an advanced style for the day, make identifying these cars as Opels quite straightforward. This style of enclosed lamp arrangement was similar to that seen on the 1937-1953 Renault Juvaquatre, while the radiator surround was based on that of the Opel 6 (or "2.0 Litre"). The first photograph shows a chap in September 1936 posed with his Opel Olympia, dressed smartly in what look like 'plus fours', a style normally only seen on golfers at the weekend nowadays. Prior to WW2 I believe this dapper type of garment was popular with German menfolk, as I think this photo was taken in der Fatherland.
A proud car owner with his 1935/1936 Opel car

2. Another Opel saloon car.

The second photograph better reveals the front end styling of the 35-37 Olympia, although this one looks to be a more basic version - note the different shape of front bumper and lack of chrome windscreen surround. This car also seems to have a single top-mounted windscreen wiper, whereas the car in the first photo has at least one wiper just visible, mounted below the screen on the scuttle. Judging by the grille on the car below, either the chap in the photo isn't much good at parking, or else made contact with something while minding his own business behind the wheel. Does anyone recognise this style of registration plate? The Opel Olympia of 1935 was Germany's first mass produced car to feature chassis-less, ie monocoque, construction, and was so-named due to the upcoming Olympic Games that were to be held in Berlin, in 1936.
Opel Olympia

3. Olympia Cabriolet.

This next photo is a tad fuzzy, but as it's the only original image I've discovered of the 1935-1937 Opel Olympia Cabriolet in my files so far, it warranted a spot on this page. The diminutive Opel, with its hood folded, shares centre stage with a young Army chap and, presumably, his good lady. I'm sure this is a post-war image, dating probably to the mid-1950s. Perhaps the brakes weren't too good on this example - the car's radiator grille is a little out of shape.
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Classic Opel Olympia Cabriolet

4. A saloon in Hanover.

This snapshot captures a moment in time from 1937, the location is Hanover and a small Opel Olympia saloon is parked at the kerbside. Overtaking it is a gent on a bicycle, while another on the pavement is carrying a suitcase. Everyone is wearing warm clothes, suggesting it was a cold day when this picture was taken.
Opel car in Hanover
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A photograph of a much earlier Opel saloon can be found here. The replacement OL38 Olympia, introduced by Opel in 1937, can be seen on this page of the gallery.

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