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The '35-'37 Ford Model CX.

Thanks to David H, who sent this old photo over and agreed to it being shown here. It shows a mid/late 1930s 10hp Ford, specifically the Model CX that was first introduced in 1935, replacing the very similar Model C at the small (10hp) end of Ford's range. In fact differences between the C and CX are few. Had the front end been visible, the car in the photo would feature four horizontal chevrons on the grille, perhaps the key distinguishing feature of the later car. Clues in this photo that confirm that this is a CX - twin rather than single groove running along the rear bumper, hubcaps with 'Ford' set into them, and a cover over the spare tyre (the wheel remaining visible).
The bonnet appears to be open on this example of Dagenham's finest, perhaps a spot of fuel vaporisation? Is that an 'L' plate tied to the spare wheel? and I wonder where the registration plate is?
The CX shown here belonged to David's Grandfather, and his father took his test on the same car. Photo originally courtesy of Ernie Hayward, taken c1948. More info provided by David regarding this car: "(the photo was) taken in 1951 with my parents' friends, just after the parents were married when M & D were still engaged. The car had been laid up during the war and was eventually sold off a dealer's forecourt in Boston Manor Road, West London in 1949. Cost? 110 GBP we believe: a lot of money!"
A classic Ford Model CX

A 'barn find' of classic Fords in 2008

Early in '08 I visited a remote shed 'somewhere in England', and amongst the dusty old Fords forming this barn find was a CX, identical in type to the car shown in David's photo above. This particular CX was in a pretty desperate condition, but a good source of spares if nothing else to keep another example on the road. The Model C and CX are I think the most stylish of all the factory-built Ford 8/10 sidevalve cars, and if this one had been a viable project I'd have probably taken it on. All the cars in the barn have now gone to new homes.
Barn find Ford
Ford Model CX

Another CX, bought for 25 Pounds.

The location of this next scene is Exmoor, and the year 1960. The car, another example of Ford 10hp CX, was bought by Bonny and two of his friends for the princely sum of 25 Pounds, and by all accounts it did a sterling job of transporting the trio around. Its registration, BOD 280, is a Devon number dating to 1936. Age 24 years at the time of the photograph, the Ford wears its age on its sleeve, or more accurately on its nearside front wing, which bears the evidence of a coming-together with something solid. Thanks for emailing this over.
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1936 Ford CX saloon car
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