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See Homepage. This page: A Commer Duple operated by Worthington Motor Tours of Birmingham & Wolverhampton.
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A Commer coach operated by Worthington Motor Tours.

Another sepia photograph from my own collection, this time featuring a Duple-bodied Commer motorcoach parked in Piercebridge. The coach was operated by Worthington Motor Tours, evidently on a trip up to North Yorkshire from the Midlands, with three of its passengers stood alongside for the photograph. The coach is registered TOA 288, a Birmingham number.
Commer Duple coach
The George Hotel as it is today
The George as it is today, note the similar style of sign hanging over the door in both photos.
Just visible to the right of the shot, hanging on the wall of the building, is a sign with the words "The ... Geo ...". A look online finds a hotel in Piercebridge-On-Tees called The George, and there are photos around showing the building as it is today, still in use as a hotel, and looking much the same as it did here in the 1950s, albeit with ivy growing over some of the frontage now. While researching the building, an interesting story turned up about how the Grandfather Clock earned it's name, thanks to a song written by an American visitor to the hotel in the late 19th Century. Rather than recount it here, have a look at this site, which tells of how the name Grandfather Clock name was born.
The eagle-eyed will also have spotted the Minor saloon being unloaded in the distance.
I've yet to find much information about Worthington Motor Tours, so if anyone can shed some light on this operator, I'll add it onto this page. Likewise if the model of Commer shown here can be identified, that would be useful too. I wonder where TOA 288 ended her days? A photo that features a parked Ford coach with the same operator, can be found in the third photo to feature on the Morris MM saloon page.
Having a root through some more photographs from the same batch, I found this one taken by the same holidaying party. The George is more clearly visible in this shot, and the Minor is still unloading in the background. What is the large tourer parked in front of the hotel??? one suggestion is Alvis, possibly a Tickford-bodied TA14?
Is this an Alvis parked in Piercebridge?
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