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Bentley Mk VI saloon car reg. HAA 101.

The date on the back of this Bentley photograph is January 1969, which explains the lack of leaves on the trees, and the greyness of the day! The Bentley shown, registration HAA 101, is a 1949 example of the 4256cc Mk VI Bentley saloon. It shows as last being registered in 2007, so it would seem that the car still survives. The Mk VI Bentleys were prone to tinworm, so many have succumbed to the drizzly damp conditions that Britain seems to enjoy (endure) for much of the year. Also visible in this photo is a Morris Oxford to the left, a tractor (with cab) to the rear, and a Mk2 A40 just sneaking into view on the right.
Bentley Mk6 Standard Saloon
The MkVI was introduced by Rolls-Royce in 1946 and continued until October 1952 when the revised R-Type replaced it. Unlike previous Bentleys (such as this 1935 Derby Bentley for instance) it was offered with factory-supplied coachwork, hence it was known as the Standard Steel Sports Saloon. The steel coachwork seen on the factory Mk6 was produced by Pressed Steel, the car being built up at the Crewe works. The majority of MkVIs were supplied in this configuration, with around 1/5th of production being bodied by outside coachbuilding firms. The engine was a straight six, with aluminium cylinder head, fed by twin SU carburettors.

An example from 1948.

A much earlier view of a Mk6 Bentley now, a Cheshire-registered example (KMA 900) from 1948. This may well be a factory-owned car, although the location is London rather than Crewe, its birthplace. The road sign in the background reads Vigo Street, a short road situated on the map between Savile Row and Regent Street in the city. Behind the stationary Bentley is Burlingtons, the florist, and a tobacconists. The building, named Albany, is now home to an art shop. The modernday scene hasn't changed a great deal, although the attractive lighting has disappeared, as have the plants above what was the florist's shop.
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1948 Bentley
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