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Homepage. This page: A thirteenth page of original photographs to feature vintage and classic motor vehicles.
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Vintage and classic car photo gallery.

I hadn't expected this section of the site, containing only in-period shots of vintage and classic cars, vans, lorries and other motor vehicles, to fill up quite as well as it has done. The photographs have come from a number of sources. Many are from my own collection of old images, and quite a few have kindly been sent over for inclusion by visitors to the site, often hoping that the car(s) in their photograph(s) can be identified. Some makes and models are quite obscure, a number of which I've never come across before, while other photos feature cars that were once a common sight on British roads. If you have some older photos that feature cars or other vehicles in them, and would be willing to see them added to this growing archive, please do drop me a line via the Contact page.

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Index of vintage motoring photographs
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Morris 8 Series 2 tourer car photograph
Morris 8 Tourer Series 2 (3 pic)

  Austin A40 Somerset convertible photo
Austin A40 Somerset convertible, London 1954 (1 pic)

  NSU Prinz car
NSU Prinz 4 & other classics, at the seaside (1 pic)

Fiat 600 Multipla
Fiat's 600 Multipla (1 pic)

  Adler Cabriolet car
Adler 2 liter Cabriolet (1 pic)

  1954 Buick car photographs
1954 Buick Century Riviera (3 pics)

Ford 307E van
Ford Thames 307E van (1 pic)

  Classic Vauxhall PA car photos
Vauxhall PA Cresta / Velox (6 pics)

  Crossley Streamline car photos
Crossley Streamline (7 pics)

Leyland TD2 bus
Leyland TD2 Titan bus (1 pic)

  Erskine car photograph
1928 Erskine (1 pic)

  Four Hillman Aero Minx Tourers
Hillman Aero Minx (3 pics)

Rover Six Coupe
Rover Six Sportsman's Coupe (1)

  Packard One-Twenty Convertible Coupe
Packard 120 Convertible Coupe (1)

  1941 Ford car photo
1941 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe (1)

Mk2 Ford Zephyr car
Ford Zephyr Mk2 (2 pics)

  Bristol 410 car
Bristol 410 (1 pic)

  Fordson E04C panel van photo
Fordson E04C van (4 pics)

Pontiac car photo
1939 Pontiac (2 pics)

  Morris 10cwt ice cream van
Morris Cowley ice cream van (1)

  Albert motor-car of the 1920s
1923 Albert tourer (6 pics)

AEC Regal bus The Indiaman
AEC Regal - The Indiaman (1 pic)

  Lea-Francis Hyper sports-car photo
Lea-Francis Hyper (1 pic)

  MG TA of 1938
MG TA (2 pics)

The Tontala sports-car
Tontala sports-car (1 pic)

  Lagonda M45 sports-car
Lagonda M45 (1 pic)

  Ford Consul Classic
Ford Consul Classic (1 pic)

Ford Thames 300E van
Ford 5/7cwt 300E van (2 pics)

  Austin-Healey 3000 sports car
Austin-Healey 3000 (1 pic)

  Classic Humber Super Snipe woodie photo
Humber Super Snipe woodie (1 pic)

Opel Olympia 1950
Opel Olympia 1950 (4)

  Manchester lorry
Pre-war Manchester lorries (2)

  Ford Model T taxi cab
Ford Model T taxi (3 pics)

Dennis Pax dropside lorry photos
Dennis Pax lorries (6 pics)

  Photograph of Ford 100e Squire
Ford 100E Squire estate (1 pic)

  Picture of a 1939 Oldsmobile Series 60 convertible
1939 Oldsmobile convertible (1 pic)

Garrett Undertype Steam Lorry photos
Garrett steam lorry (2 pics)

  1948 Hillman Minx car pictures
1948 Hillman Minx (4 pics)

  Riley RMA
Riley RMA (1 pic)

Allard M-Type
Allard M-Type dhc (1 pic)

  Austin Tilly
Austin Tilly 10hp (2 pics)

  Opel Kapitan Series 3
Opel Kapitan (1 pic)

Levis motorcycle
Levis motorcycle (1 pic)

  V8 Ford car photo
1946 Ford V8 (1 pic)

  Peugeot 301D photo
Peugeot 301D 1934 - 1936 (2 pics)

RAF coach in WW2
RAF 107 MU bus in Egypt (2 pics)

  Crashed Bedford SB
Bedford SB coach (5 pics)

  Morris Mini Minor Mk1 car
Morris Mini-Minor Mk1 (6)

Humber Foursome Drophead Coupe
Humber Foursome Drophead Coupe (1 pic)

  Austin 7 Swallow car
Austin 7 Swallow Saloon & Tourer (2 pics)

  Classic Seddon lorry
7-ton Seddon lorry (1 pic)


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