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See Homepage. This page: An original old photo of a sporting vintage Lagonda of the early 1930s.
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Lagonda M45.

This tatty old photo could well have spent many years in the wallet belonging to this Lagonda M45's proud owner, judging by its battered condition. Evidently it didn't spend its life hidden away and preserved in a dusty old album that's for sure. The Lagonda's exact identity isn't known, nor is the date of this photograph. The M45 series was introduced in 1934, and featured a 4.5 litre Meadows engine allied to coachwork built by Lagonda themselves. One year after the introduction of the M45, the high-performance Rapide made its debut.
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Vintage Lagonda M45 car
Other Lagonda-related items on the site include a great photograph of a Lagonda LG45R Rapide at speed during a race at Silverstone.
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