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See Homepage. This page: Photographs of two 5cwt Fordson panel vans, the first built in 1948 and used at a nursery.
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1. Fordson E04C van.

Chris emailed this photograph over, hoping that a) I'd recognise the model, and b) could suggest somewhere that he might find one. The van in the photo is a 5cwt Fordson panel van, produced in the late 1940s. Rather than being a brand new model for 1946, it was based heavily on the earlier 7Y "Eight" 5cwt van (itself based on the E04A Anglia saloon). Visual differences between the two models are few - the 7Y van had more bulbous headlamp lenses, non-beaded-edge wings, and no air ventilators fitted to the scuttle. Chris' Grandfather bought MPA 624 new, to use on the family's glasshouse nursery. The MPA (Surrey) series was introduced in December 1947, confirming that MPA was registered in 1948.
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Fordson E04C van
Chris adds:
"I remember on a trip delivering some funeral wreaths I was sitting on my gran's knee when mother hit some ice and put the van on it`s side, she climbed out of the passenger door and opened the rear door. I can still see my gran crawling out surrounded with flowers!! A couple of blokes arrived and put the van back on its wheels. We drove back to the nursery, the wreaths were remade, and mother drove off and delivered them. Can you imagine that happening in the UK now!"
In October of 1948 the Ford 5cwt panel van was revised yet again, becoming the E494C. Visual differences again were few, the key difference being the switch to a grille shared with the 103E Pop saloon.
Thanks for sending the photo over Chris! If anyone can help with sourcing a van like this, please get in touch.

2. A 1946 Fordson 5cwt van.

Mark sent over some really interesting photos of two sidevalve Ford vans that his parents owned in the 1950s. The vehicle shown in the photos below is another example of the rare post-war 5cwt E04C van. This van, registered HKB 908, dates to late 1946 or early 1947 and was first registered for use in the Liverpool area. The first of Mark's pictures sees the E04C parked at the side of a road, along with the family's other classic Ford, in the shape of a 10cwt E83W Estate Car (photos of which are now here). The latter was an early example of MPV, fitted as it was with extra side windows (when compared to the van version), and seating for six passengers in addition to the driver.
The E04C also has extra side windows, although they're not a factory modification. The E04C's distinctive radiator grille, which differentiates it from the slightly later E493C van, can clearly be seen in this snapshot. Also note the period road sign in the background. This van was known as the "Red Herring", and served the family well, with one memorable trip being undertaken to Switzerland in August 1953.
Another E04C, parked with an E83W van
The second of Mark's photos shows the rear 3/4 view of the lightweight Fordson, note the minimal lighting equipment that came as standard on this model - just a single central stop/tail lamp was deemed sufficient. Parked in front of the van is a smart pre-war Wolseley.
A 5cwt van
The final image in this trio is a head-on view of the parked van. My thanks to Mark for sharing his photos.
E04C van grille
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