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See Homepage. This page: Original b/w photograph of a 1930's Leyland bus in service with JMT in St. Helier.
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1932 Leyland Titan TD2.

I'm not that well up on classic buses, so fortunately via Google I found a reference to this actual bus - J6333 - which confirmed the type as a Leyland TD2 of 1932, operated by JMT (Jersey Motor Transport). Signwriting on the side of the Leyland promotes "Mary Ann" beer, brewed locally on Jersey, while on the rear there is an advertisement for "The Best Cigarettes In The World". I could just make out the word "State" incorporated within its design, so this appears to be advertising the State Express 555 brand.
The photograph is un-dated, but judging by the attire of the two chaps strolling away from the bus over to the left, I'd guess at late 1930s, or 1940s. The rear entrance step on the Leyland seems to have sagged a little, suggesting that it had carried quite a few passenger by the time of this photograph.
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Leyland TD2 double decker bus.

More information on this Leyland bus.

Within a few hours of publishing this photograph, Steve sent me an update with news of what happened to this old Leyland in later years...
What a great view of the Leyland TD2 J6333. Its unusual to see a 3/4 rear end shot of any vehicle yet alone a bus. I thought you might be interested to know that I am from Jersey originally but now live in the Republic of Ireland. I have a great deal of interest in the Jersey Motor Transport as my father worked for them between 1956 & 1973 as a diesel fitter and driver.
Although only a small boy in 1973 when my father finished up there, I have vague memories of the buses they operated, most of the double deckers (mainly ex-London Transport RTLs) were withdrawn from service by 1971 when the company was taken over by Trimdon Motor Services. In a cost-cutting exercise they brought in single deck, one man operated, buses.
If I recall correctly J6333 was withdrawn from service circa 1962, thereafter it was sent out to a local farm to become living quarters for farm workers. During the early 1980's I helped my late friend James Bell (also an ex-JMT driver, RIP) rescue J6333 from a farm on the coast road in Grouville were it had been for many years slowly rotting away. By this time the top deck of the bus had collapsed and was lying on top of the bottom deck.
I am pleased to report that our efforts to rescue the remains of this bus were not in vain and it eventually went to the UK , possibly to be used for spare parts along with the engine and gear box from yet another former JMT Leyland TD1 which was on the same site. Sadly I have no photos of how the bus looked when it was rescued from the farm. I believe the bus may have gone to Colin Shears of Exeter but I cannot confirm this. If anyone can confirm J6333's eventual fate I would love to know. I do have a picture of the front of J6333 whilst in service during the late 50's / early 60's however I do not own the copyright so I'm afraid it cannot be published. Interestingly J6332 the sister TD2 of J6333, one of a pair of Leyland's I believe that were bought new also survives, this bus has been in the ownership of the Michael Banfield collection since it was withdrawn from service and was I believe a frequent visitor on the London to Brighton Historic Commercial Vehicle Society events.
Thanks for the update Steve!
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