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See Homepage. This page: Two classic British motorcycles with their owners sat upon them in the 1930s.
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Levis motorcycle.

Production of the Levis motorcycle ceased in 1940. The first examples turned a wheel in public during 1911, but I suspect that the Levis shown on the left of this photograph probably dates to the late 1920s, or early 1930s. I don't know the make of the bike to the right, fortunately part of the Levis' tank badge can just be made out in this image, so at least that machine could be identified. Note the very different tread patterns on the two motorcycles, and the lack of protective headgear worn by the two riders.
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Levis motorcycle
Butterfields of Birmingham started out making Levis two-stroke machines in 1911, with four-stroke machines joining the range in 1928. Levis isn't a name that crops up all that often in motorcycle circles now, but in the early 1920s they were a well-known machine. Success in the Isle of Man TT, thanks to wins in the Lightweight 250 class in both 1921 and 1922, didn't do sales figures any harm either. The earliest two-stroke machines has 211cc engines, rising to 247cc. The four-strokes had capacities of 247cc, 346cc, 498cc and eventually 600cc.
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