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See Homepage. This page: Old b/w photograph featuring a German NSU Prinz and an assortment of traditional British classics.
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NSU Prinz.

NSU photographs don't seem to turn up very often, so I was grateful to Iain who sent this over and agreed to it being added into the gallery. This beach scene was taken at Wyke Regis near Weymouth, presumably in the early-mid 1960s. In the foreground is a light-coloured NSU Prinz, fitted with a roof rack. Chances are the car belonged to the family sat near it, in which case the roof rack would have been loaded with all the family essentials needed on a trip to the seaside, plus the Silver Cross pram, complete with its own sunshade.
In addition to the NSU, there are quite a few classic Hillmans in evidence - their owners perhaps oblivious to the salty sea air that wouldn't do their Rootes Group motorcars any favours whatsoever. Equally the owner of the Mk1 Zephyr/Zodiac in the distance didn't seem be troubled by thoughts of parking on the beach either. I wonder who the upturned wheelbarrow belonged to.
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NSU Prinz car parked on a beach
The Prinz model name made its debut in 1957, with the variant shown above - the NSU Prinz 4 - hitting the streets of Britain in 1961. As with the earlier cars, the NSU's two cylinder air cooled engine was fitted in the rear of the car, with the "boot" area in the front - a layout shared with the rival Hillman Imp and others. Volkswagen bought NSU in 1969 and work began on rationalising the models produced by the companies now under VW's corporate umbrella. The Prinz soldiered on until 1973 and was not directly replaced, VW deciding that one rear-engined, low-cost, car - the Beetle - was quite enough to carry on with.
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