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See Homepage. This page: Old photograph of an Erskine motor-car with its owner in New York, circa 1928.
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1928 Erskine.

Handily identifying this vintage American car was made easy thanks to a note on the rear, which reads:
Dear Bill,
This is my "Erskine" taken at Orange Lake, New York.
It is a light blue in color, a five passenger sedan so Bill, you see, there is plenty of room for you inside."
The car sports a 1928 (New York) licence tag, or registration plate, along with a radiator mascot depicting a character running at speed.
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1928 Erskine car.
Erskine was a brand owned by the Studebaker motor car manufacturer, producing cars under this title from 1926 to 1930. With Studebaker's designs climbing in price, Albert Russel Erskine - President of the Studebaker Corporation - saw an opportunity for a new, entry-level, range of cars, hence the introduction of the Erskine Six, powered by a six cylinder engine of Continental - rather than Studebaker - design.
Things looked rosy for a time with the new car, until that is Ford introduced their Model A at a whopping $470 less than the comparably-sized Erskine. In reply, the latter grew in size, to offer more interior space and distance it from Henry's newcomer. In so doing, the difference between the Erskine and entry-level Studebakers began to shrink, so much so that the Erskine brand disappeared in 1930, the cars merging into the parent company's line-up.
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