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See Homepage. This page: A large eight-cylinder Pontiac automobile from the late 1930s.
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1. 1939 Pontiac.

It would have been nice if the entire vehicle had been in shot, but there's enough of it visible to confirm the car as a Pontiac, of the pre-war era. Reading around on the subject, the side trims on the bonnet suggest a left-hand-drive 1939 Pontiac four-door sedan. No notes accompany this photo, but chances are that the chap shown with the car, one foot on the running board, is the Pontiac's proud owner.
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1939 Pontiac motor-car photo

2. Another '39 Pontiac.

Handily the front of this classic 1939 Pontiac is visible, aiding its identification, although a shot of its licence plate would have been interesting to see too. The window arrangement isn't clear but I think it is probably a coupe rather than a saloon. Sat on the offside (for America) front fender, a beaming young dame.
Young lady sat on a classic Pontiac car
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