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See Homepage. This page: Page 9 in this set of original period images of motor-cars, vans and lorries 1900s-1960s.
Original transport photographs
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A nostalgic look back at the history of motoring Page 9.

Gallery of motoring nostalgia.

This is now the ninth page of old motoring-related photographs to feature on oldclassiccar. This nostalgia section started out as somewhere to group together many of the old car photographs that I've picked up over the years. Since then, it has grown considerably as more and more old photos have come to light. Thanks also have to go to the many people who have been in touch, with their own old photographs that they've scanned and sent over. Some people are trying to identify cars shown in early family photographs, perhaps while researching their family tree. Others know exactly what cars are shown in the pictures, and are keen to share them via this section of the site.

I'm always on the look-out for interesting vehicle-related photos, from the 1900s right up to the 1970s in fact. If there is a story behind the photograph(s), then even better! The links below will take you to the other pages of photographs in this section, there is also a master index page to save time. Although the majority of nostalgic photos here feature old cars, I'm equally keen to find other examples of road transport from byegone days - lorries, vans, pickup trucks, bicycles and motorcycles are just as appropriate for this section.

Links to the other vehicle photo pages

Index of vintage motoring photographs
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1920s Crossley tourer
A Crossley tourer in 1921 (1 pic)

  Renault / Hino 4CV
Renault & Hino 4CV (4 pics)

  Lister Jaguar sports car
1958 Lister Jaguar (1 pic)

Armstrong Siddeley car
Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire (9)

  A 9hp Riley saloon
Riley 9hp Monaco saloons (20 pics)

  A 1930s Mathis
A '30s Mathis in Cairo (1 pic)

Leyland Tiger TS4 with M&D
1932 Leyland Tiger TS4 of Maidstone & District Ltd. (2 pics)

  A Douglas motorcycle
Douglas motorcycles of the 1920s & 1930s. (5 pics)

  A Talbot 10 sports tourer
Talbot Sports Tourer on the Rallye Monte Carlo. (1 pic)

Austin A40 Countryman
Austin A40 Countryman alongside a chap and his rifle. (1 pic)

  Bianchi tourer
An Italian Bianchi & Model T Ford outside a Cheadle garage. (1 pic)

  James Bullock Garage
James Bullock's garage & filling station in Cheadle. (1 pic)

Morris Minor van
Morris Minor Series 2 & Morris 1000 vans. (3 pics)

  1938 Hudson
1938 & 1939 Hudsons seen with their UK owners. (2 pics)

  Trojan vans
Trojan lorry & pre-war Trojan vans at Workman Reed & Co. (2 pics)

SS1 Jaguar
Standard Swallow SS1 Tourer, Coupe & Saloon. (5 pics)

  Veteran tricycle
An engine-powered tricycle & 2 veteran cars. (1 pic)

  Rolls-Royce motorcar
A Rolls-Royce 20/25 of the early 1930s. (1 pic)

7V Fordson lorry
Fordson 7V lorry & van. (5 pics)

  Austin 8 tourer
Austin 8 tourer. (6 pics)

  Mini Estate
Austin Mini Countryman. (1 pic)

classic Dodge lorry
British Dodge lorry. (1 pic)

  AA motorcycle
AA motorcycle & sidecar. (1 pic)

  Postwar car trials
Post-war car trials. (1 pic)

12/50 Alvis
Vintage Alvis 12/50. (1 pic)

  1920s Wolseley car
A 1920s' Wolseley tourer. (1 pic)

  1930s Packard sedan
1936/1937 Packard 120 sedans. (2)

1953 Pontiac Chieftain
1953 Pontiac Chieftain. (1 pic)

  1926 Sunbeam 3 Litre
1926 Sunbeam 3 Litre. (3 pics)

  1928 Bugatti
1928 Bugatti Type 40. (2 pics)

1939 Rover 14 car
1939 Rover 14hp. (2 pics)

  Lotus Europa
Lotus Europa racer. (1 pic)

Bedford 2/3 ton lorry. (1 pic)

1929 Bentley 4.5
1929 Bentley 4.5 litre. (1 pic)

  Vintage Ford Model T Coupes
Ford Model T Coupe. (5 pics)

  Austin 10 Lichfield
Austin 10/4 Lichfield. (2 pics)

1936 BSA Scout
1935/36 BSA Scout. (4 pics)

  1919 Stutz Bulldog
1919 Stutz Bulldog. (1 pic)

  1947 Convaircar flying car
Convaircar flying car. (1 pic)

1934 Daimler dhc
Daimler 15 Rye cabriolet. (2+ pics)

  1921 Mercer
Mercer Raceabout. (1 pic)

  1897 Daimler 4hp
Veteran Daimler tonneau. (1 pic)

1934 Rover Speed 14 Streamline
Rover 14 Streamline Coupe. (1 pic)

  Post-war Maudslay lorries
Maudslay Mustang lorries. (1 pic)

  Ford Model Y Woodie
Ford Model Y woodie. (1 pic)

Classic Singer SM1500 car
Singer SM1500. (2 pics)

  AEC Matador lorry
AEC Matador. (2 pics)

  Bianchi S9 car
Bianchi S9, Brooklands. (1 pic)

Old pre-war caravan and car
Pre-war caravan holidays. (13 pics)

  A vintage Velie car
A Model 58 Velie. (1 pic)

  A Ford country bus
Ford Model AA bus. (1 pic)


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