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See Homepage. This page: Period snapshots of the four-door pre-war Austin Ten-Four Lichfield.
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1. Austin 10 Lichfield 4dr saloon.

Ena found the site while researching some old photos she has. Along with a motorcycling image, she sent this picture believing it showed an Austin 7. However it's actually the slightly larger Austin 10/4, the late 1934-onwards 10 Lichfield, replacement for the similar chrome-rad Austin 10/4 of 1932-1934. It is an early-ish example of the Lichfield as it still features the previous model's windscreen assembly - later cars had a screen with a pronounced curve to the lower corners. As well as the 4 door saloon, Austin also offered the 3-position Austin 10 Colwyn cabriolet.
An Austin 10 Lichfield of the mid 30s
Note the parking marker attached to the car's front wing, to aid parking, and also its two-tone colour scheme.
The Lichfield's successor would be the Ten-Four Cambridge model.

2. A later Ten-Four parked in a Manchester street.

Tram enthusiasts will no doubt be more interested in the two Manchester Corporation vehicles that are evident in this old photograph, than the presence of a 10hp Austin saloon. The latter, registration AOD 226 (a Devon series introduced in March 1936), is parked close to the kerb just away from a tram stop (note the "All Cars Stop Here" sign). Whitworth Hall, part of the city's university, can be seen in the background.
The car shown here exhibits the later windscreen surround, ie different to that fitted to the car above.
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A 10/4 Lichfield car parked in Manchester
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A photograph of a 10/4 Lichfield and a couple of other pre-war cars outside a garage in 1939, can be found on this Ford page.

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