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See Homepage. This page: A site visitor's plan to track down the whereabouts of his old pre-war Rover 14hp saloon.
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1939 Rover 14hp.

Barry dropped me a line, he's curious to find out where his old 1939 Rover 14 lives nowadays. A look online shows that KML 593 is still taxed and on the road, so with a little luck the current owner may stumble across this page and get in touch. Barry owned the Rover Fourteen in the late 1960s, and adds this information about the car..
"I wonder if you would mind helping me out here. I left the UK in 1974 to come to BC Canada and have not been back since, so I am completely out of touch with vehicle licensing. I went DVLA Licensing and found the vehicle search facility. I entered a car that I had in about 1968-9, a 1939 Rover 14 Reg. KML 593, they seem to have all the information on the car ..... it would be really great to know that it's still around and being used. I always look for it on web sites just to see if it's there. I have another 11 vehicles that I entered and they all come up nothing found."
"I have sent you a couple of photos of the car that you can use on your site, if you wish. You never know the present owner may see them and want a copy and that would be fine. Both photos were taken in Welwyn Garden City Herts circa 1969. Love your site, keep up the good work."
A 1939 Rover 14 car
A photo of the Rover's engine being worked on
KML was a series used from February 1939 in the London area. The second of the photos shows the Rover part-dismantled, in order that the pistons could be replaced.
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The stylish Rover Speed 14 Streamline Coupe, of 1934-1936, can be seen on this page of the site, while an example of 1935 Sports Saloon may be found here.

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