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See Homepage. This page: A period advertising image for the Rover Speed 14 Coupe, somewhat airbrushed, for the 1934 season.
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1934 Rover 14 Streamline.

This early photograph of a Rover Streamline Coupe turned up some time ago, and is a (re-touched) factory image, originally given out to members of the press, and possibly to visitors at a motor show. The airbrusher has been hard at work, but given it's rarity I thought I'd include it here anyway. The full title of the car is Rover Speed 14 Streamline Coupe, and was a model built in small numbers between 1934 and 1936. Few survive, but photos of one restored car can be found here, in the general classic car photos section of the site.
Rover 14 Streamline Coupe
Only 380 are believed to have been built during the mid 1930s, at a time when streamlining was very much in vogue, both in the UK and overseas (especially the USA). The coachwork was built in-house at Rover, and formed in aluminium. Beneath the streamlined bodywork of the Speed version sat a tweaked six cylinder Rover 14hp engine, fed by triple SU carburettors. Hydraulic brakes featured on all four corners, as did Rudge Whitworth knock-on wire wheels. Apart from the rakishly designed bodywork, perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Speed 14 Streamline Coupe was the frontal lamp arrangement, with a trio of lamps mounted in-board of the front wings, ahead of the radiator grille. The single lower lamp was a fog lamp. Note how all four doors hinge on the centre body pillar.
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A photo of a slightly later (1939) Rover 14 saloon can be found here, while an earlier 12hp Rover can be found here.

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