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See Homepage. This page: One of the American team entered to the Anglo-American Rally, a 1920s Mercer Raceabout.
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1921 Mercer Raceabout in the UK.

The Mercer shown below was competing in the American team during the 1954 Anglo-American Rally, along with various other vintage motor-cars such as this 1919 Stutz. Again the Mercer was imported especially for the event, and temporarily registered on a UK (QE 475) number. The driver is seen here chatting to a local dignitary, possibly the local Mayor. In the background is a bus, carrying advertising for Hayward & Towell Ltd, with a building in the distance emblazoned with the Soulbys brand, beers and stouts.
The Mercer Raceabout
Anglo American Rally Programme 1954
The car was entered by Roswell Moore, of New Mexico, and information on the car is given in the event programme:
"These L head Mercer Raceabouts were introduced by the Mercer Motor Car Company of Trenton, New Jersey, in 1915, continued through 1925 and were altogether different from their predecessors the T head cars, but were equally as famous as an outstanding medium-priced American sportscar, being powered by an L head engine cast en bloc. In comparison with the T head cars, it might be said, the only similarity is the name, as this was an entirely new design by Eric Delling. A remarkable tribute to Delling's ability as a designer is that the first lot of two hundred and fifty cars were put into production right from the drawing board without a prototype having been built, and were entirely successful. Bore 3 3/4 inches, stroke 6 3/4 inches. Capacity 298.9 cu. in. Single spark Bosch magneto operated by transverse shaft on front of motor; intake manifold cast in motor block. Four speed gearbox amidships. Final drive Hotchkiss type with full floating rear axles and equipped with 80mm Rudge Whitworth wire wheels. Guaranteed by the factory for a mile in 48 seconds."
(Source: Official Rally Programme, Price Two Shillings)
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