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See Homepage. This page: A selection of photos featuring pre-war fwd BSA Scout tourers (Series 1 and Series 4).
Original transport photographs
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1. BSA Scout Series 1.

I bought these first few photos a little while back, and for a change not only do they come with notes on the back of them, but also a letter received from a BSA FWD club member confirming the cars' identities. First up, the front wheel drive BSA Scout Series 1, registration BWM 932 which is believed to feature in both views. The horizontal bonnet slats are the S1 giveaway. Chances are, this is a 9hp Scout, fitted with the 1075cc engine.
This model came as standard in either black, or else duo-tone black and white. The Series 1 was produced from April 1935 until the introduction of the Series 2 in late 1935. According to the registrations database, the BWM series was first used in December 1935, and the owners' club suggest that this car was registered in June 1936. Written on the rear of each photo is a note, advising that the BSA belonged to "Uncle Wilf Bland".
A series 1 BSA Scout tourer
Visible in the second photo is a road sign for "Gibraltar", as is the 3-rifle motif for BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) on the n/s/r mudguard. Both photos were printed on Velox paper.
Rear view of the BSA

2. BSA Scout Series 4.

Next, another of "Uncle Wilf's" cars, this time a 10hp Series 4 BSA De Luxe Scout, again registered with a Southport number (CFY 647), late in 1936. Note the different style of bonnet louvres on this later car. Wilf has also fitted some extra lamps, and a kidney-shredding radiator mascot, possibly of an aircraft. Just visible in the original photo are wire mesh stoneguards fitted to the headlamps, another sign that this was a De Luxe model.
Series 4 BSA Scout

3. A 1936/1937 Scout.

Tony sent the following photograph over, he'd been looking around in the hope that the car's manufacturer could be pinned down. Although I'm not sure which variant it is, the car is another example of BSA Scout, not dissimilar to the car shown above. The registration, COB 902, is a Birmingham issue, dating to late 1936 or early 1937. It was owned by Tony's Grandfather from the 1930s through to 1947. He lived in the Macclesfield area of Cheshire. Evidently this sporting machine was being used for driving lessons at the time of this photo, the hatted young lady behind the wheel perhaps ready to head off down the cobbled street in which it was parked. The screen has been folded, so goggles might have been the order of the day. Can anyone identify the striking mascot fitted to this Scout's radiator cap? My thanks to Tony for sending the picture over.
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A BSA used for driving lessons in the 1930s
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