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See Homepage. This page: Various Model T Coupes photographed in twenties' America and Canada.
Original transport photographs
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1. Ford Model T coupe.

Ford Model Ts are no strangers to this section of the site, as various Model T tourers and a taxi feature on this page, and on another page is this early Model T ambulance. This page though concentrates on the 2-door coupe version of the popular little Ford. At first glance I assumed that both photos, as they came in the same batch from the US, were of the same car at different times, but there are certain differences which go to show that one of the Model Ts is a little earlier than the other.
Firstly, this shot, showing a couple sat on the running board of their vintage Model T Coupe. This is an early-ish coupe, as it has rear-hinged "suicide" doors. Also note the two flags attached to the car's radiator. A close look at the original photo shows a 1927 Minnesota license tag, or numberplate, with MINN (for Minnesota) down the right hand side of it. A handwritten note confirms that this "tin lizzie" was photographed in Cumberland, June 1927.
A Ford Model T Coupe

2. A later Model T Coupe.

The second photo shows a slightly later Coupe. Unlike the car shown above, this Ford has front hinged doors, one of which is open. I think this was taken on a camping trip, judging by the tents in the background and the gent seemingly sat on a blanket, having a bite to eat. Also note the small hatch, or trunk lid, visible in this rear-end view of the car.
Another Model T Ford coupe, on a camping trip

3. Another 1923-onwards five-window Coupe.

Photograph #3 is again of a Ford Model T five-window Coupe with front-hinged doors, a feature introduced in 1923. This one is parked on a stoney beach, or by the side of a river, with a chap - modelling a fine bow tie and hat - perched upon the car's front wing.
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A gent and his Model T Coupe

4. Another example of early Model T.

Next, an example of the earlier T Coupe with its boxy, upright lines and rear-hinged doors, as shown at the top of this page also. The model's sturdy construction is once again demonstrated by people sat upon its body, but unlike in the previous photo where just one chap is perched upon his Tin Lizzie, here a number of young people have clambered on board. The photograph is dated on the rear as May 1925, and was developed by Strain's Limited, of Winnipeg, Canada. A note written in ink on the rear simply says "This was taken on a picnic. Dot, Arch & myself with the "X", not a very good one of Arch. Vi." Presumably that's Vi, stood to the right of shot.
Although not the best of photos, by quite some margin, it's interesting as not only does it feature an early Coupe, but one that appears to have a two-tone colour scheme, which was unusual. Were they ever sold with such a colour combination from the factory, or is it likely to be a home-applied scheme, given how most came in black? Or are the darker sections simply the wooden frame parts, constrasting against the lighter-coloured steel panels?
Early Ford Coupe, seen in 1925

5. A Coupe in Litchfield, Australia.

Litchfield can be found in Australia's Northern Territory, and that's the location of the following vintage photo. The scene dates to 1926. A girl and her dolls are posed with the car, while inside a lady - with, I think, a young child stood on her knee at the steering wheel - can be seen inside the Ford's boxy two-door Coupe body. The Ford's registration plate reads E-2515, with a date stamp of either 1925 or 1926 at its lower edge. Thanks to Val for sending the photo over, and to the image's owner Olive for Ok'ing it to be shared here.
1926 Ford Model T Coupe in Australia
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