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Homepage. This page: A page for period photographs of two- and four-door Model T sedans.

Model T "Tudor".

Ford Model Ts can be found in several locations across the site, but curiously there aren't many period photographs of the saloons, or sedans, as yet. Hopefully this page will rectify that omission (the tourers and coupes for instance are well represented in the vintage gallery).
To start the ball rolling, a photo emailed over by Leo of his grandfather in the 1920s, stood with his two-door (hence "Tudor") Model T Ford. The location is the small town of Bergambacht, in the "Zuid Holland" province, on what was evidently a chilly old day. Most photographs I've seen of these cars tend to be in warm climates, this though is the exact opposite and the car shown below has been fitted with a radiator muff, or blind, to enable the engine to get up to temperature quickly on very cold mornings, and offer some protection to the coolant when parked for the night. On the subject of radiator blinds, a selection from the 1930s - 1950s can be found on this page, in the gadgets/accessories section of the site.
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Ford Tudor in Holland
As more old pictures like this surface, I'll add them in here. My thanks to Leo for sending his family photo over.
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