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Bianchi tourer.

Car badge showing the Bianchi emblem
Ian got in touch in May 2009, sending over a couple of superb photographs showing his great grandfather's car garage in Cheadle, Cheshire. As this is where I grew up, both photos were of great interest to me personally. He believes that the images were taken around 1930, although they could well be earlier. Records show that their garage was situated at 6 Manchester Road, heading out towards Didsbury, where even today there is a car lot operating (albeit not from these early buildings). Shown below is the first of Ian's photographs. A little research confirmed this Edwardian car as an Italian Bianchi, circa 1913/1914. Thanks to Ian for allowing me to show these images (Copyright I.E. Bullock), from his own collection, on the site.
A Bianchi car
The James E Bullock garage and motor agency was situated close to the heart of Cheadle village, near the Institute, and the George and Dragon pub, close to where the old Cheadle railway station was situated. Despite the name, there is no connection with the Bullock's coach operation that is still in the village.
A close look at the photo reveals some interesting detail. The Bianchi's registration number is CH 871, a Derby-issued number that had a long run from late 1903, through to 1931 no less. A bald spare wheel and tyre sits in a recess on the driver's side running board, with a brand new tyre, still in it's wrapping, tied to it. This arrangement would have required the driver to climb out of the nearside door.
In the background is the frontage to the Bullock agency. The other photo of Bullock's garage, shown here, shows a different garage building, so perhaps Bullock's had two sites in Cheadle, or else maybe replaced one building with another at some point? Alternatively, the frontage could have been updated at some point. Hanging from the front of the building is an RAC Agent sign - a look in the RAC handbook for 1928 confirms J.E. Bullock being at the 6 Manchester Rd location, although no more detail is given. The front of this building looks very much like a Victorian shop, converted to use by this garage business. As well as tobacco products, the garage could supply Pratt's motor spirit from the kerbside 'fatboy' pump visible behind the car - quite probably a Bowser pump. The pump globe advertises Pratt's - in the shop window the other side of the globe is reflected, and reveals the words Benzol Mixture.
In the background another car is visible, parked facing away from the camera and registered NB 7229, a 1919-1920 Manchester number. This vintage car looks suspiciously like a Model T Ford, which would tie in nicely with the location of this photo, only 15 or so miles south of Manchester, and the home of the Model T production facility at Trafford Park. Note the open passenger door, and tools sat on the car's running board.
Another vintage car - Model T Ford perhaps?
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